Yes, Donald Trump is getting old

Yes Donald Trump is Getting Old

From an impossible tax-and-spend plan to repetitive and predictable attacks against everyone who challenges his campaign, Donald Trump is making supporters second-guess whether or not he’s really the right guy for the job.

A transcript from the video is below.

I’ll say what I’m sure a lot of Americans are feeling right now. Donald Trump is getting old. No, I’m not going after the fact that he’s the oldest Republican candidate and would be in his seventies when he steps into the White House if he wins. I’m talking about his rhetoric. I’m talking about the attacks, the claims that he’s a winner who wins and everyone else is a losing loser weak stick. I’m talking about the repetitive drum beating about how he’s going to make America great again. Outside of his initial premise regarding the extremely important need to control illegal immigration before it overruns the country, he’s said very little that compels people to want to vote for him.

Look, I get it. He came out of the gates with straight talk that was compelling to say the least. For a little while, I thought he might just be the guy that America needs. Over the last two months, he’s shown his true colors as a guy that doesn’t really have a plan, at least not one that has a chance of working. His supporters are putting too much credibility into his history without knowing that he has a history of failures. When I hear his tax plan that is pretty aggressive in its cuts, I cheer. However, when I hear about how he’s going to somehow cut taxes and still generate an unfathomable amount of money for the country at the same time, I shake my head. The math simply doesn’t add up and sadly he’s smart enough to realize this. That doesn’t stop him from making promises that are impossible to keep.

He’s seen as an outsider but he’s using the same type of incoherent promises that appeal to uninformed voters. He says he’s going to fix the eroding infrastructure in our country from bridges to power grids to roads. That’s great, but it will require a huge amount of money to accomplish this. He says he’s going to make the military much stronger than it’s ever been by investing into new technologies and expanding the resources available to the armed forces. This is also great, but once again it will require tons of money. He wants to build a wall. He says the wall will be strong and even beautiful. When asked how he’s going to pay for it, he says it will be cheap. Again, he knows darn well that a strong wall and beautiful wall and a cheap wall are two different things.

How is he going to generate hundreds of billions of extra dollars not already in our budget to make this happen and still cut taxes? He says he’s going to do it by bringing jobs back to America. He’s going to force companies to build their plants in America and hire Americans to do the work through punitive taxes and tariffs that break current free trade agreements. I hate to sound like a broken record but again he has to know this is impossible. Lowering taxes, increasing spending, and renegotiating trade agreements all make for great campaign promises but they simply do not reconcile.

It would be different if he was looking at this as a 10-15 year plan starting with the renegotiation of trade agreements followed by increasing spending in stages starting in 3-7 years and then a gradual relief of taxes once trade and job numbers started improving. He’s not. He’s talking about implementing everything at once and there’s no way to make the math fuzzy enough for this to work. All of it is very reminiscent of how he handled Trump Air. He got into the airline business with big ideas and even bigger promises. He turned to attacks against his competitors and lifestyle promotion that was intended to use his brand as the force to propel the airline. He hired executives then got rid of them quickly when they told him his ideas were flawed. He relied on his past success to dictate that he knew what he was doing when in reality he was way over his head. Within three years, he abandoned the project as a failure.

The problem with a President Trump is that he won’t be able to abandon the American project when his ideas prove to be unrealistic. He’ll be stuck with it and the country will be stuck with him. The understanding that is necessary to run the country is far more complex than the understanding he needed to run an airline. Still, there are people who only see a very rich man who’s willing to say anything. That makes for a great Presidential candidate. It doesn’t make for a great President.

It’s easy to follow the guy. He’s strangely likable in a way that makes people relate to him. What they don’t seem to realize is that Donald Trump has never had financial struggles. It’s not like he started in a poor neighborhood raised by a single mother like Ben Carson. He’s not the son of an immigrant who had to fight his way to the top like Ted Cruz. Donald Trump’s first job was learning real estate from his rich father. I’m not trying to take away from his successes. He turned millions into billions. However, it baffles me that people seem to relate to a guy who literally eats with a silver spoon, who is surrounded by more gold in his various homes than the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

I’ll always credit Donald Trump with bringing some important issues to the forefront. However, his contribution to making America great again ended with those initial talk tracks. Now, he’s just a distraction throwing insults out at real candidates and confusing Americans with ideas that are impossible to fulfill. He’s like the kid running for student council president promising to replace water fountains with milk shake dispensers. He’s banking on the idea that voters’ love for milkshakes will overpower their grasp of reality.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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