Political correctness ruins everything, even high school football


This has got to be a new low. A high school football referee in Mexico, NY threw a penalty flag after a player pointed to the sky once he made a 73-yard run that resulted in a touchdown. The player asked the ref what he did wrong and he responded by saying, it was “taunting”, unfortunately costing the team a win.

The really sad part is that it isn’t surprising considering how so many of the sports associations are cracking down on religious expression. However, many are fighting back and telling the associations to leave their PC agendas off the field and courts.

The issue isn’t whether one religious group is favored over another, it’s that religious freedom is no longer free in America. Whether it’s a business owner who refuses to participate in a homosexual wedding or a young athlete who wants to praise God after a play, it has become more and more evident we aren’t free to express our faith in public.

One advantage high school sports has is that there is a collective, and if there’s one place in this country where the collective can stand their ground, it’s on the field.

This just could be our last line of defense. Where religious freedom is truly defended and cannot be taken away because of the brave coaches and players who tell the system, keep your agenda to yourself – this is America and it’s time to play ball, Amen.

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