Trump comparing Ben Carson to a child molester is just too far

Donald Trump Child MolesterWhen Donald Trump said that he didn’t believe President Obama was born in the United States, a good portion of the population agreed. When he said that many illegal immigrants were kidnappers, rapists, and murderers, many of us dismissed it as a demonstrable concern. There’s a point when his ideas go too far and his mouth pushes even further. We’ve been waiting for it to happen and now it has.

His adamant supporters who like his straight talk and believe that there’s no such thing as going too far will defend his recent comments about Ben Carson with one of the following excuses:

  • He was taken out of context.
  • He was just using an example and not directly calling Ben Carson a perpetrator of heinous crimes.
  • He could be right… we just can’t be sure about that neurosurgeon guy.
  • Did you know that Ben Carson almost killed his mother?

Of course, his reasonable and intelligent supporters who appreciate what he represents as well as some of his ideas will listen to what he said and realize that this just isn’t the right guy to be representing the country from the White House. I know. I’m a Trump supporter who is reasonable and I’ve been told by my kids that I’m intelligent, so I probably fall into that category.

It’s one thing to go after your biggest threat among the candidates. It’s another thing to imply that the “pathological disease” that Trump has been hammering on about Ben Carson lately is similar in any way to being a child molester.

Don’t tell me that it wasn’t an intentional attempt to have people make that connection with Dr. Carson. Don’t tell me that it’s a valid concern. Don’t tell me that America needs to worry about his so-called “pathological disease” because of events that took place fifty years ago.

Ben Carson is not my candidate of choice for other reasons. Donald Trump is no longer my candidate of choice for this very reason: he will do and say anything about anyone if he thinks it will hurt their chances of beating him. I realize this now and I’m sorry that I ever supported him.

Here’s the video:

Michio Hasai

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