The only Islamic State solution that could possibly work

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Critics of the Bible often cite the portions of the Old Testament that call for Joshua to lead the Hebrews into wars that would completely annihilate whole peoples. They say that this demonstrates a harshness to God that should make people not want to follow Him. What they fail to understand is that there was only one solution to the genetic and sinful corruption that had overtaken these people. Anything short of wiping them out completely would not be sufficient and history has demonstrated that this was truly the case.

Today, the same solution is the only solution that would appropriately address the Islamic State. They are not a minor infection that can be contained. They are a cancer that must be completely eradicated. To slow-play the efforts, to try to hold them back, and to allow them to continue their assault on the world in any form or fashion will be the path to their eventual victory.

This is not a country that can be isolated. They are not a sovereign entity that can be diplomatically addressed. They are not misunderstood and unfortunate people who just need to be shown compassion and given some prosperity in order to meet their core needs. Their only core need is spread their doctrine, dominate their environment, and destroy anyone who would stand in their way.

President Obama and all of the world’s leaders need to see that their reach is far beyond the Middle East. Their ability to strike “secure” areas has been demonstrated very clearly over the last two weeks. Their strength is growing whether the President wants to believe that they are contained or not.

Almost all of the factors are against the forces of peace. The digital age means that they can influence people around the world. The refugee crisis means that they can infiltrate western society hidden in plain sight amidst the masses of humanity that are making their way into free lands that cannot distinguish between people who need help and people who intend to do harm. The passive nature of our leadership emboldens them to strike further, faster, and harder.

This isn’t an attack on the religion of Islam. The majority of Muslims do not support the types of acts that took place recently in Lebanon, Egypt, and Paris, but they don’t need a majority. It took eight men to kill or critically wound hundreds of people and had the suicide bombers entered the stadium it could have been much worse. Eight men.

They don’t need to radicalize the masses. They need to radicalize the fearless few who can then strike fear into the masses. This is not going to end in Paris unless someone ends it for them. Otherwise, no country is safe and no city is secure.

President Obama’s strategy has been worse than feeble and ineffective. It has emboldened those who are part of the Islamic State now and it has allowed hope and encouragement to seep into the minds of those who are vulnerable to the appeal of their ways. I’m not saying this as a political statement against the President. It’s too late for that. I was against the pointless and even damaging war in Iraq because they were not our enemy. The Islamic State is definitely our enemy. There’s no gray area. They want to attack the United States and given enough time they will succeed.

I’d love to believe that we can wait until the next election, but we cannot. Things are escalating too quickly and President Obama is the only human who can prevent it. Asking our men and women in the military to risk their lives is always hard to do and I do not take the concept of sending troops into harm’s way lightly, but we’re getting to the point that any other action is untenable. Even if we can contain them militarily with air strikes and a small coalition of troops on the ground, they will never be truly contained. Their influence already goes well beyond Iraq and Syria and it’s getting larger every day that they’re allowed to exist.

Like a cancer, annihilation is the only solution. Will the President wait until the next 9/11 to act or will he prevent it from ever happening? The answer to that question won’t just define his legacy. It will define our future.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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