Bernie Sanders insinuates that big companies bought Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Dem Debate

To be clear, Bernie Sanders didn’t mention Hillary Clinton directly when he was talking about big companies contributing to campaigns for the sake of getting something back in return, but the implication was pretty clear and Clinton defended herself over the comment. The sentiment wasn’t lost on the crowd, nor was it lost on The Young Turks.

I don’t normally listen to these guys because their conclusions are usually pretty silly, but this time they nailed it very nicely as they declared Sanders’ line as the best of the night.

The idea is that Hillary Clinton represents the strongest return on investment for big corporations because they know if they contribute to her campaign, they’ll get something back in return. The sad reality is that he’s right and he’s probably the only candidate who can honestly say that he won’t be bought. Yes, that included Donald Trump who cannot be bought necessarily by money but who can clearly be bought by support and cooperation (which makes him the most dangerous of the candidates, but I’ll talk about that in another article).

It’s at least a little ironic that Sanders, who’s considered the candidate furthest to the left, and Senator Ted Cruz, who is considered furthest to the right, both agree on the concept of cronyism in this election cycle.

The Young Turks point out that these companies know what they’re doing based upon experience. After over two decades of the Clintons being involved in national politics, these corporations realize that donating to the Clinton campaign is a safe bet for them, a good investment so to speak.

Here’s the video:

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