Hillary Clinton not opposed to racial profiling after 9/11

Hillary Clinton Senate

The memories of 9/11 are still vivid in many Americans’ minds. It changed the world, our world, and forced us to think of things from a completely different perspective than we had to before.

It’s understandable that politicians can think a certain way back then and change their perspective today. Unfortunately, the changes that have happened for Hillary Clinton have not been for the better. Now that we’re facing an enemy that can be far more dangerous than al Qaeda ever was, Clinton has the gall to say that we shouldn’t even use the term “radical Islam” when referring to, well, radical Islam.

Her perspectives as a Senator in 2001 were quite a bit more pragmatic. Granted, she wasn’t running for President in the politically correct world we now find ourselves in, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that back then, she wouldn’t rule out the possible necessity of racial profiling.

Today, she has no idea how to screen Syrian refugees, let alone deter future attacks on America similar to those that happened in Paris. As strange as it may sound, I almost wish we had the Hillary Clinton of 2001 that hadn’t already experienced failure in the Senate or a debacle of a term as Secretary of State. At least the old Clinton knew that you had to do certain things to keep America safe.

Here’s the video from her interview:

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