Liberal media disappointed that ‘anti-Muslim backlash’ has been mild since terrorists attacks

Anti-Muslim Backlash

Any time a terrorist act is perpetrated by radical Islamic jihadists, the liberal mainstream media is quick to hunt for the stories that they know will be coming. They believe that some Americans, specifically conservatives, are inherently bigoted and that this bigotry will lead to violence against peace-loving Muslims in the community.

To some extent, they’re correct. There are many bigots in this world and those bigots are fueled to extreme actions by events such as the terrorist attack on Paris. They are driven by the hate and fear that stays with them deep down but can be allowed to surface as a response. Hate crime is real despite what many say as the counterargument to mainstream media’s agenda to promote it.

There’s a reality about it that doesn’t get discussed. It’s indefensible to turn any political, racial, or religious feelings into anything manifested towards others. However, it’s equally inexcusable to inflate the problem beyond its true reach, which is exactly what mainstream media often tries to do.

In this Red State article, they point out that the anti-Muslim backlash to last week’s Paris attacks were minimal but being reported by the news as significant. I don’t want to downplay level of heinous acts such as shooting at empty Mosques or painting Eiffel tower graffiti in Muslim communities, but worldwide there have been no reports of anti-Muslim backlash that has resulted in murder.

In the United States, the mainstream media headlines read something like this one:

The article talks of CAIR leadership asking for protection for Muslims who fear for their lives. However, it goes against the narrative as well as the agenda to point out that there have been zero attacks perpetrated by Americans against Muslims since the Terrorist attacks. Buried on deeper pages are less agenda-driven headlines like this one:

There’s a distinct difference between the damage done by mainstream media’s favorite topic, anti-Muslim backlash, and the news pushed down by mainstream media that points to actual violence performed by ISIS supporters. In one case, feelings are hurt. In the other case, people die.

It cannot be reiterated enough that there should not be any backlash at all. Peaceful protests and political action is one thing. Threats or attacks of any sort are unacceptable.

The media can’t wait for the first act of violence that results from anti-Muslim backlash being “pushed” by conservatives. They know it’ll happen any time, now. Meanwhile, radical Islam continues to commit violence every day that goes largely unreported.

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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