Do any Senate Democrats care about the safety of American citizens?

Harry Reid Syrian Refugees

We will soon see. Maybe.

On Thursday, 47 Democrats wisely chose to cross party lines and support a bill that would make the refugee screening process more comprehensive. It created a veto-proof majority on a bill that the President has formally threatened to veto. The problem is that it may not make it to his desk at all of too few Senate Democrats do not follow the lead of their Congressional counterparts.

In truth, the bill doesn’t do enough. In essence, it requires the FBI director to certify background investigations before refugees are allowed in the country. This is reasonable, albeit a little fluffy, but it’s better than what we currently have. It forces the FBI to take responsibility by vouching for each refugee’s desire to not blow things up, kill Americans, or wage jihad in any way. While it’s not as good of a fail-safe as not allowing them into the country in the first place, it would bring the virtue of law enforcement into the equation instead of leaving the vetting up to the bureaucrats.

This last point is enough for every American to want this bill to pass. However, Senator Harry Reid has vowed to prevent its passage. It will need 60 votes just to make it to the President’s desk and another six Democrats to be able to override the veto if it makes it there.

I’m not going to point to the obvious fact that it’s being politicized because everything that happens in Washington DC is politicized. However, this is an issue that can affect every American. Democrats voting against it on the grounds that it would cause delays are making a stupid argument. What they’re really saying is that they don’t want to open up Pandora’s box which could start with Syrian refugees and end in a fight over general border security.

They don’t want the bill because it could clog up their flow of immigrants that they so desperately want to maintain.

What are Senate Democrats most interested in stopping: inconvenience for refugees or risks for American citizens? We need at least a dozen Democrats to prioritize Americans’ safety over the convenience level for refugees.

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