The race card has been overplayed

Race Card

Racism exists. It’s everywhere. It’s in America. It’s outside of America. It must be fought. Unfortunately, it seems like lately the racism that must be fought is the racism being fed by those who most often play the race card.

It’s a sad state of affairs when calling out the ulterior racism that is apparent in many facets of society is in itself something that will be considered racist. My status as a legal immigrant who has proudly been an American citizen for forty years doesn’t grant me any special privilege to call out the ulterior racism I see. It only labels me as the darkest side of the problem, the guy who has succumbed to my white oppressors by being assimilated and indoctrinated. This is rubbish, of course, but that doesn’t change what I’ll be labeled by speaking out against the obvious.

Racism against whites exists. Racism against blacks exists. Racism against Hispanics, Asians, and every other geopolitical classification exists. Those who believe that the only way to fight it is to call for an upper hand for their particular racial identity are as bad as the racism that was spread by Ku Klux Klan. The difference is that today’s variation of racism is spread through political correctness rather than through violence. This fact doesn’t make it less racist nor does it make it less damaging to the soul of the country.

We are staring into a precipice where the sensitivity of Americans is making true progress nearly impossible to achieve. The reason is through the race-driven political correctness that has infiltrated our mentalities, changed our worldviews, and neutered our ability to act appropriately without fear of being labeled a bigot.

There are currently three manifestations of both racism and political correctness that are colliding to form the perfect trifecta of destructive thought. We’ll go over them individually, but at the core of each is a false sense of righteousness that is eating away at the fundamental values that have driven the country to greatness. Today, we are too sensitive. We are too scared of being labeled. We are leaving behind the strength of conviction for the nation and exchanging it for a pseudo-politeness that seeks the smallest levels of victimization.

The good news is that the sensible Americans outnumber those who play the race card to achieve their agendas. The bad news is that the media and many politicians have given power to those who lack this sensibility and who use the race card to promote a dangerous liberal agenda.

Racism at College

Racism at College

The empowerment that has been given to college students is spreading from campus to campus faster than “TheFacebook” phenomenon when it launched at Harvard. Everyone can, to some degree, identify how racism has victimized someone at every university in the country. The result is what we have today: a demand for absolute perfection in racial interaction and the utter elimination of anything that might even be remotely construed as racist.

Racial entitlement means that everyone should expect two things in their college experience: zero traditional racism and acceptance of nearly all forms of ulterior racism. Keep in mind that they aren’t making a call for equality. It’s a call for privilege, for demands from the various demographics of college students to be met without recourse or negotiation. In essence, the new American college experience is one that must be a certain way or it’s completely unacceptable.

In most cases, the people who are protesting the hardest are not victims of egregious acts of racial violence or collegiate inequality. They aren’t protesting to have equality in experience. They’re protesting to have a better experience for their own demographic than what can be expected by any other demographic.

This particular topic is the one out of the three that has no solution. That sounds bad. It’s worse than we all probably imagine. There is literally no way to fight this particular overuse of the race card because the empowered college students have nothing to lose. They aren’t fighting for their lives. They’re not fighting for security. They’re not fighting for opportunity, equality, or justice. They’re fighting for more entitlements, which means they are going to win within the college sphere. In no other realm of American life is there a greater left-lean towards granting entitlements than the higher education system.

In other words, this particular overuse of the race card will never be quashed. It will be invigorated. There’s nothing that can be done by average Americans, politicians, or even school administrators. The only people who can stop it would be the college students themselves and the chances of that happening are very low. I don’t want to admit defeat, but there really is nothing that can be done if the college students don’t do it for themselves.

Racism at the Border

Racism at the Border

After hearing the depressing news that American colleges are lost, let’s move on to something where there are actually actions that can be made to stop it. Right now, if you believe in securing the border, you run the risk of being called a racist. If you believe in enforcing the law, you run the risk of being labeled a bigot. If you were to even take the mild approach of saying that people shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking the law, you’re still an insensitive discriminator… and probably a racist bigot at the same time.

Thankfully, there’s at least a chance of reaching the areas of many people’s minds that house a quality of reasonable thought with this issue. The borders absolutely must be defended. It’s getting to a ridiculous point in our country’s history where certain areas of the country are becoming too dangerous to walk around at night specifically because of the lack of border security. I know. I live near some of those areas in Southern California.

The key to getting people to understand the border problem is to realize the clear and present danger that a porous border creates. One does not have to go as far as Donald Trump in perspective, but it must be understood that he wasn’t technically incorrect when he said that there are kidnappers, rapists, and murderers coming across the border illegally and committing these crimes against American citizens. This is 100% factual, completely undeniable regardless of how far left your data source resides.

We can debate amnesty, path to citizenship, and path to legality all we want, but there should be absolutely zero debate about securing the border. It’s utterly offensive that the race card gets used over and over again on this particular issue because it has nothing to do with race. It’s a question of sanity. Our current border policy and safeguards are so uninspiring that one might believe we simply do not care about border security at all. That’s unacceptable and it has nothing to do with racism. If Anglo-Saxon nuns were crossing the border illegally, they should be stopped.

It’s about protecting the sovereignty of the nation by establishing and promoting proper immigration channels that enable a controlled flow of new law-abiding citizens. That’s how this is supposed to work.

Refugee Racism

Refugee Racism

The race card used at colleges is the most annoying and the race card used at the border is the most prominent, but the race card used to allow Middle East refugees into the country is the most infuriating. The reason that it gets to me the most is a reason that isn’t being discussed much by mainstream media, the President, or even the candidates.

It’s symbolic. That’s it. The allowance of Middle East refugees into the United States is a purely symbolic gesture. We’re fighting over 10,000 refugees when there are literally millions who need our help. There is absolutely zero reason to play “Refugee Roulette” when we can do so much more for them without allowing them into the country.

Keep one important fact in mind: most refugees would rather live in their old homes in peace. The true refugees are migrating because they have no other option in their war torn homeland. In an ideal situation, they would be given safe haven close to their homelands so they could easily return and rebuild their nation once the civil war is over and once the Islamic State is eliminated. Taking in refugees thousands of miles away from their former homes when countries like Saudi Arabia won’t is pure stupidity.

It isn’t just the risk of infiltration by radical Islamic terrorists. It’s the change in lifestyle that is being demonstrated within European countries that have taken in refugees. It isn’t fair to the citizens and, believe it or not, it isn’t fair to the true refugees.

I’ve detailed a plan that would help to solve the refugees’ problems better than allowing them into the country. It’s a common sense plan that might make way too much sense for anyone in the US government to conceive, but it’s there. Those who believe that it’s wrong or even logistically impossible to accept only Christian refugees aren’t aware of the possibilities. It can definitely be done and promoting that concept is not racist or discriminatory. The facts are the facts and they can be a stubborn roadblock for liberals.

Are some of the people who are fighting against accepting the refugees doing so for racist reasons? Absolutely. However, the majority of us are doing so for a sense of self-preservation based upon the recent terrorist attacks, at least one of which was perpetrated by an alleged refugee. It’s naive to think that it could never happen here, that our screening process is so robust that we’ll only be allowing “widows and toddlers” as the President likes to label them. He’s playing the race card. He’s playing the fear card. He’s playing every card he has at his disposal to shame us into playing Refugee Roulette.

We CAN help the refugees in ways that are far more beneficial to them than allowing them into our country. It’s a matter of being smart and not thinking that every action by conservatives is driven by racism.

In all three of these issues – the university experience, border security, and the refugee crisis – there are righteous ways to solve the problems. Playing the race card every time is not one of those righteous solutions. It’s perpetuating the problem itself.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Thank you, JD. I know you wrote this last year but I just found this blog post now and to make a long story short, I really needed to read this. For my sanity. See, I have a family member – a couple in fact – that, honestly, almost overnight (especially after getting married) they’ve turned into adamant believers that they are oppressed! (My parents are legal immigrants and I am a 1st Gen American.) Now, I am no stranger to being a target of racism. However, I firmly believe that this absolutely did not happen often in my life, and if anything, America (Americans), especially white America, has done a pretty damn good job of embracing and accepting me. I like to believe I give everyone equal respect, and that I have earned equal respect. But alas, these poisonous thoughts and illogic ideas of things like “White Privilege” that has propagated – coming mostly from the Liberal Left – has really, truly, deteriorated any hope of rational and honest discussion. Because I was overwhelmed by these people, I went in search of some confirmation/proof that maybe I wasn’t the one losing my mind. That I was not, as you wrote, “the guy who has succumbed to my white oppressors by being indoctrinated and assimilated”. And that is how I found your blog. And that is why I have to thank you. For making me believe that I wasn’t going crazy. Thank you!

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