Like a Democrat, Donald Trump appeals to uninformed voters

Donald Trump Uninformed Voters

Unlike the majority of political pundits, I never viewed Donald Trump’s entry into the Presidential race as something that would go away quietly. I knew that he had a certain appeal that was both endearing to those who like straight talk and empowering to those who are confused by most political issues. This gave him a power that was strong enough to sustain him through the rest of the year. I assumed one of two things would happen.

  1. He hires some of the best minds in economics and foreign relations to help him craft the plans that could help him to become a decent candidate.
  2. He fades and drops out sometime before or during the early primaries and caucuses.

Neither appears likely, anymore. I was wrong.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t his political savvy or his campaigning sense that I underestimated. Nearly everything that has transpired since his campaign began has happened very much as anticipated from his junior high name calling of anyone that he deems a threat to the nonsensical foreign policies that he espouses.

I underestimated the size of the Republican party’s uninformed wing. In fact, I underestimated it so much that I’m starting to get a little embarrassed for our Grand Old Party. The lack of discernment by so many Republicans has proven to be startling.

Politicians lie. We all know this. Some of the things that they claim they’ll do when campaigning simply don’t materialize when they’re in office. Under normal circumstances, those lies are either exposed during the campaign or they simply aren’t done during their term. For Trump, his false campaign promises seem to have taken root, not because they make any sense but because the liberal mainstream media is unwilling to call him out on it very often. The reason for this is because they’re salivating over the opportunity to unleash hell on him if he somehow wins the nomination, but that’s a different story.

Here are a few popular Trump promises that absolutely cannot happen. He’s not stupid. He knows they cannot happen. He doesn’t care. For the sake of political expediency, he’s willing to make any promise as long as it can get him in the White House. From there, he feels like he can glaze over the campaign promises in time to either declare that he won’t be seeking a second term or to hopefully do damage control before the next election.

He knows the following things cannot happen, but they give people a false sense of hope nonetheless so he’ll continue to say them.

  • Deporting 12 million people is logistically impossible. Deporting 2 million people is logistically impossible. To do it would require a monumentally expensive plan that could never pass even if the the Republicans had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Why? Because the cost would be so high that voting for it would be political suicide. Trump likes to point to the concept that Eisenhower deported 1.5 million Mexicans. He doesn’t mention that “Operation Wetback” (yes, that was the official name) was categorically deemed a failure and did more harm to the US economy than good. Trump’s only true recourse is E-Verify which is supported by other candidates, so he resorted to bold yet impossible promises to differentiate himself.
  • He cannot break or renegotiate NAFTA. Again, it’s 100% not possible, particularly considering that his entire economic plan requires trade agreements that would allow for economic improvement. As bad as NAFTA is (and yes, it’s very bad), even threatening to break it would have catastrophic effects on the economy. This isn’t one of his businesses where he can walk away from a deal. It’s there. The TPP is a different story, but that has been in the works since George W. Bush. To think that he can raise spending to the Bernie Sanders levels that he’s proposing, reduce taxes, and still improve trade and the economy simultaneously is completely ludicrous. This isn’t like negotiating to buy an airline like he did before dumping it three years later. Business negotiations are basic arithmetic compared to the calculus-level factors at play with trade negotiations.
  • Bombing the heck out of the Islamic State won’t work. Several nations are doing that already with zero success. His military plan for the Middle East is laughable at best, but it makes for great sound bites on the campaign trail. He would need a much deeper understanding of the geopolitical sphere in order to tell the difference between the Peshmerga and the PKK and right now he would have a hard time pointing to Kurdistan on a map.

Let’s not talk about eminent domain, his beloved and crucial legal play to take from the poor to give to the rich. Let’s not bring up his history of evolving political views which again speak more towards a lack of values and political expediency. Let’s forget that he’s been to church fewer times than even President Obama or Hillary Clinton. His policies alone are enough to condemn him.

Unfortunately, his supporters aren’t big on policy. They aren’t big on reality. They like the way he talks. They can understand him. He doesn’t use unfamiliar phrases like “stopping quantitative easing” and he doesn’t have a plan for addressing Abubakar Shekau.

There are too many better Republican candidates this time around for Trump to be a consideration. With him, we have a candidate who will certainly lose if nominated.

If you take away reality, prudence, and any semblance of political discernment, you have an ideal Trump supporter. It doesn’t matter to them that his plans are untenable. He’s rich and entertaining!

Michio Hasai

+Michio Hasai is a social strategist and car guy. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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