Foreign policy really is an issue for Ben Carson

Ben Carson Fading

For those of us who were starting to warm to the idea of Ben Carson being the Republican nominee for President, it’s hard to admit that he’s not really equipped for the job. It’s easy to say that as President, it will be the advisers who need to know more details, but his lack of knowledge seems startling.

Again, it’s hard. We like Carson. Now, we have to choose between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. In the video below, we hear some experts talking about who will benefit. Unlike the “all star panel” on Fox, we don’t believe that Chris Chistie or Jeb Bush are still in the picture.

With Carson fading in the polls, it’s time to pick his successor, particularly with evangelicals. To us, that is likely going to be Ted Cruz.

Scarlett Madison

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