Stop believing that Marco Rubio is a foreign policy expert

Marco Rubio Foreign Policy

Somewhere along the lines, political pundits and journalists started calling Marco Rubio a foreign policy expert. Compared to Donald Trump or Ben Carson, this may be true, but the fact that the 1st-term Senator sits on the Foreign Relations Committee is not enough to count as credentials.

It might have been had his perspective on foreign policy turned out to be correct, but apparently he was asleep during the meetings he attended (though he didn’t attend as many as he should have) because his views on foreign policy sound more like Hillary Clinton’s than a conservative. The reality is this: his foreign policy comments have demonstrated a distinct lack of understanding of how to handle the rest of the world.

For example, his rabid endorsement of entitlements for Big Sugar represent more than an economic faux pas. They hurt our ability to negotiate with sugar-exporting countries, particularly those who are not benefiting from candy companies leaving the United States to set up shop. This is the least of his foreign policy challenges, but it’s one that’s near and dear to his heart. More importantly, it represents his lack of conservative comprehension on the topic.

He has attacked Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for “hurting the country” by not supporting all-inclusive legislation to give the NSA complete power to spy on American citizens. Let’s disregard the personal freedoms that conservatives are supposed to support. From the perspective of pure foreign policy, this claim is ludicrous. By voting against the unnecessary internal spying, Cruz and Paul demonstrated that they understand one of the biggest sticking points that countries hold against America since the revelations of Edward Snowden.

More importantly, the concept that we must spy on all Americans or risk the next 9/11 is not only incorrect. It’s insulting as well. Cruz, Paul, and many intelligent conservatives rightly realize that putting legal oversight over the National Security Agency means that they will still be able to monitor criminals and potential terrorists. It has never been demonstrated that secretly monitoring law abiding citizens has led to the arrest of terrorists or the halting of terrorist acts. Good investigations stop terrorists. Proper intelligence domestic and abroad work to stop attacks. Cruz and Paul voted to keep America safe the right way, not the Big Brother way which hasn’t been shown to make us any safer.

That’s why headlines like this should infuriate all Americans:

Marco Rubio isn’t a bad guy. He’s not stupid. He believes in political expediency above all else, which is to say he’ll act in a way that is best for him even if it’s not best for his country.

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