No Lindsey Graham, the Republican party will not win through liberalism

Lindsey Graham

If it weren’t for being a hawk on foreign affairs, Lindsey Graham would not be considered a Republican. His Republican Establishment rhetoric of a kinder, gentler Presidential candidate didn’t work with Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Bob Dole. It won’t work in 2016, either.

This is a warning to both conservative and moderate Republicans. Do not listen to the things being espoused by Graham or anyone else who promotes liberal ideals in an effort to appeal to the general electorate. It has been demonstrated over and over again that the Republican party is stronger when the leader is stronger, that the elections can only be won by a principled conservative platform.

Some may argue that George W. Bush won twice without being a true conservative, but they forget that his two terms were not representative of his campaign platforms. He may not have acted as a fiscal conservative, but he ran as one. He was conservative with foreign policy and the American people kept him in office despite not being a particularly popular President. They did this because his platform was solid even if his actions were not.

Graham attacked Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul as being destructive to the Republican party. He may be right about Trump, but Graham and his moderate cronies are absolutely wrong about Cruz and Paul. Now that Paul is no longer a viable candidate for the nomination, both conservatives and moderates must rally around Cruz if they want to win the general election. Moderates might prefer Graham’s stance on deportation, but they have to realize that winning a general election is always a case of extremes. If one were to examine the platforms of all Presidential candidates since the 1970s, they’ll see that whichever party marched out the more extreme candidate was the one that won.

Graham’s comments are exactly the opposite of reality.

He can espouse liberal ideas all he wants, but the truth remains: conservatives can and will win the election if the Republican Establishment doesn’t get in the way once again.

If there is to be a Republican President elected in 2016, it will be through a conservative stance. The moderate stance such as Graham, Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio is bound for defeat.

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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  1. Ms. Lindsey Graham is just another D.C. lunatic who wants to spend your money and send your sons and daughters to die in some 3rd world rathole so he can butch himself a little bit.

    S.C? Could you *PLEASE* primary this lisping, mincing pretend war hero?

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