Yes, Christian persecution in Syria and Iraq is worse than Muslim persecution

Persecuted Christians

US President Barack Obama likes the turmoil in the Middle East to be seen as a black and white issue. All refugees are equal in his mind. Persecution is persecution and does not exist within a scale of severity. He’s absolutely incorrect.

It isn’t often that an article pops up on the left-leaning Washington Post that calls towards a truth but in this case, they did a very nice job of stating the facts. Christians in the Middle East are being persecuted more than Muslims in the Middle East. This isn’t a judgment call and debates to the contrary are propagandized spin rather than being based on any form of reality.

When the Islamic State takes over a town or a village, they separate Christians and Muslims. The Muslims are given certain opportunities that can often be viewed as positive. They are given jobs, money, and protection. The Christians are given three choices: convert, pay a tax without the means to pay that tax, or die. This is a degree of persecution that is clearly documented and it hearkens to an existential threat.

What is happening to Muslims in Syria and Iraq is brutal and unfair. What is happening to Christians in Syria and Iraq is genocide.

We should be allowing refugees into the United States and despite what the President says, they should be Christians. It isn’t a matter of prejudice. It isn’t “unAmerican” as the President puts it. This is a matter of need. They need our help more than Muslims.

According to the Washington Post, it’s possible to help them without drastically changing the screening process with a religious test:

These refugees — at least 30,000 of them are now stuck in nearby Kurdistan — fit into an exceptional refugee category for at least a couple of reasons: They were expelled solely because of their religion, and they have been persecuted for a dozen years, ever since the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. They can never go home.

But Obama seems exceptionally myopic toward these circumstances. He conflates all kinds of afflictions of war equally and contends that no beleaguered religious group should be favored over another. “That’s not American,” he said.

No, Mr. President, it’s very American to help those who need the most help. In fact, one can point to this as an opportunity to do the right thing in a time when many right things are needed.

Persecution does not exist in a bubble. It might go against the left-wing narrative to say otherwise, but the facts are very clear. We need to help the ones who need it the most.

Michio Hasai

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