Federalist compares Barack Obama to Baghdad Bob

Barack Obama Baghdad Bob

President Barack Obama needs to stop talking about the Islamic State. It seems like every time he says something, the commit an act of terrorism that defies his rhetoric and calls attention to his dangerous narrative.

There was the infamous “we have contained them” in reference to the Islamic State. The next day, the “contained” entity committed the terrible act of terrorism that left Paris reeling. To be fair, he was referring to the military entity of the Islamic State that seems to be contained if one were to believe the reports from the Pentagon (which, unfortunately, isn’t a given considering their willingness to “cook the books” when it pertains to intelligence about the Islamic State).

More recently, there was the declaration that “ISIL will not pose an existential threat to us.” On the day that two radical Islamic terrorists took at least 14 lives in San Bernardino, CA, the President was saying that Americans should feel safe.

“The American people should feel confident that, you know, we are going to be able to defend ourselves and make sure that, you know, we have a good holiday and go about our lives.”

These are not funny statements nor are the events that surrounded them funny by any measure, but one cannot help but make a connection between the President’s reassurances and those made by “Baghdad Bob,” the mouthpiece for former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein who comically talked about winning the war against the American coalition while he was in the midst of losing it. There were interviews held with him saying there were no American tanks in Baghdad. Then, he would give other interviews where American tanks could be seen in the distance behind him.

That’s where we are with this American President. He is stretching the truth so hard and so far in an effort to match his narrative that it’s going beyond the realm of gaffes and turning into outright insults towards the intelligence of the American people.

This will continue, but not because he’s worried about being wrong regarding the Islamic State. His real agenda surrounds gun control and he will do everything within his power to limit the firearm capabilities of Americans even if it means politicizing terrorism and mass murder.

The Federalist called him out on it today as we brace for the rhetoric that will come with his first speech pertaining to San Bernardino. We do not expect to hear much about the fight against the Islamic State. Instead, he’s going to talk about guns.

It is important for every American regardless of political affiliation to call out the administration for the disasters they are proposing. The safety of Americans is more important than the legacy of one man.

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