Refugees, immigrants, and border jumpers give terrorists three avenues of entry

US Border Patrol

The fight against terrorism in the United States is keenly attached to three separate issues. It’s a situation so complex that one must wonder if America can stay safe through another year with the Obama administration.

We are fighting a war with three distinct fronts, and that just covers the incursion aspect of battling terrorism. Finding them once they’re here and preventing them from attacking is a whole other battle. Then, there’s the homegrown radicalization that must be understood and eradicated. It may seem impossible, but it’s not. Let’s first look at halting the increase in terrorists making it into the country in light of Donald Trump’s statements that all Muslim immigration should be halted for a time.

Middle East Refugees

Recent reports show that Islamic extremists, most likely the Islamic State though that’s not confirmed, have targeted the United States refugee program as a way to infiltrate the country. This is something that many Republicans have speculated for a while but now we have confirmation from sources inside the Obama administration even if the administration itself is unwilling to acknowledge it.

The gut reaction by most is to halt the refugee program altogether but there are complications. It isn’t just Syria; Iraq has 30,000 Christian refugees who are more persecuted than the Muslim refugees in the region. The United States is a good place to bring them for multiple reasons. There are alternatives to bringing over Muslim refugees but nobody is really discussing those alternatives.

The Boston Marathon bombers entered the country this way.

Legal Immigration

This has been a potential issue for a while and it’s what’s driving Donald Trump’s recent stance of halting Muslim immigration altogether. One of the San Bernardino terrorists entered the country through this avenue.

The argument against halting legal Muslim immigration (other than the United States Constitution) is that it’s a bigoted stance. Many nations, including France and Britain who have also recently had terrorist attacks, are condemning Trump’s policy proposal.

Trump’s supporters have to recognize two things. First, the San Bernardino attack was the first time in 14 years that a major attack was carried out by a legal Muslim immigrant. The second and more important thing to remember is that this frames the argument from the wrong perspective. Right now, America has the opportunity to be in the right by waging war against radical Islam. By doing what Trump wants, we are changing the perspective to where America is waging a war against Islam in general. That’s how it will be perceived by Muslims in and out of the country.

This is antagonistic and dangerous. If Trump has his way, he will increase the number of attacks and attempted attacks that take place in the United States. Context is important in geopolitics and Trump would be turning America into the bad guy. This will embolden more attacks, particularly from those who are already happily living in America and wanting to live a peaceful life.

Trump’s plan would increase radicalization exponentially in the United States and put more Americans at risk of terrorist attacks.

Illegal Immigration

Defend the borders. It’s that simple. Make it nearly impossible for people to come across the border illegally by building a wall and increasing patrols. This should not be a problem in America in the 21st century.

We can keep Americans safe through proper conservative political principles and definitive action. Those actions must be strong, but they should not be obtuse.

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