As crazy as it sounds, Jeb Bush should drop out

Jeb Bush Should Drop Out

Back in May, I recall articles from desperate conservative journalists practically begging the Republican party to stop the madness of the Republican Establishment. There were already reports a year and a half before the general election that Jeb Bush was on track to easily earn the GOP nomination for President. Oh, how things have changed.

Today, Real Clear Politics paints a story that is, well, really clear. After hitting his peak at 17.8% on July 12 and being the only candidate in double digits, his cataclysmic decline has him at an ugly 3.6% today. He’s the top of the bottom pack. Above him is the second tier – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson – who are all in double digits. Donald Trump, of course, as he has since mid-July other than a brief blip of success from Ben Carson in early November.

GOP Polls 12-11-2015

Jeb Bush should drop out. His super PACs, which account for the biggest dollar amounts of any GOP candidate, should turn their efforts and dollars towards helping Republicans retain the Senate and increase their lead in the House.

American learned something about Bush over the last six months. He’s probably the most purely intelligent of the Bush clan, but he lacks the gumption of his father and the likability of his brother. He was supposed to be the chosen one, the Bush that finally got all of the Republican nuances right. Instead, he proved to be a dud in many ways.

Conventional wisdom tells us that anything can happen between now and March 1 – Super Tuesday. This is not an election cycle that resembles anything that convention wisdom could foresee. At this point, it’s a done deal. He can’t win the nomination. He has zero chance.

Bush and everyone below 4% in the polls should drop out. The Democrats have a 2.5 person race. To make it fair for the Republicans, those without a hope should move aside and let the titans battle it out.

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