Why the Democrats want Trump to be the Republican nominee: negating Clinton’s Achilles Heal

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In 2012, the Democrats who control the mainstream media wanted desperately for Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee for President for one big reason: RomneyCare. They saw in Romney a similarity to President Obama when it came to healthcare. They knew that would be the GOP’s trumpet call for voters if Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich (or anyone else, for that matter) won the nomination, so they masterfully manipulated the electorate to put Romney in place.

RomneyCare wasn’t ObamaCare, but to the voters he did not offer a large enough contrast to sway them away from the President. The results were predictable from the moment that Romney won the nomination.

We’re seeing the same thing happening today with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The biggest attack piece that the Republicans have against Clinton is her history of lies, corruption, and cronyism. They know that a strong candidate could come in there and dismantle her in debates, during campaign rallies, and through grassroots efforts.

Donald Trump’s past is filled with corruption and cronyism. From eminent domain to campaign contributions for questionable candidates to backroom dealings with foreign governments to… the list goes on and on. He represents that type of candidate that the GOP base can appreciate based upon the salesmanship of his ideas, but his history is loaded with things that will turn people off.

Then, they will point out time and time again that he voted for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They will paint him as a lifetime Democrat who switched sides because he thought he’d have an easier path to attain his ultimate personal goal of sitting in the White House.

With Trump, the negatives against Clinton seem to be similar. In essence, they view Trump’s history as close enough to Clinton’s history to diffuse the attacks that the Republicans will attempt to levy during the general election.

Unfortunately, they would be right.

Some will point to attacks by the mainstream media as proof that they don’t want him to be the candidate, but if you examine them closely, they’re not really attacks. They understand what his supporters like about him and so they’ve positioned their talk tracks to make him hated by Democrats and Independents while endearing him to Republicans. If they wanted to attack, they would drag out interviews with women with stories about misogyny. They would line up minorities with stories of racism. They would interview former partners such as the people he worked with at Trump Air who would say that he’s unfit to lead.

The reason that we haven’t seen these stories yet is because he’s not the nominee. If he’s able to win the nomination, they will unleash a journalistic blitzkrieg of attacks that will make him not only lose the general election but that will hurt the Republican party at the same time.

Republicans need a contrast to Hillary’s history of cronyism and corruption, not a former Clinton supporter who has used cronyism and corruption his entire career.

Scarlett Madison

+Scarlett Madison is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living but really prefers to read more than write. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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