Why did Trey Gowdy join the Republican Establishment?

Trey Gowdy Republican Establishment

It’s a question that has been buzzing around social media since the South Carolina Congressman decided to endorse Marco Rubio for President. This is at odds with a conservative base that has supported him to the point of near-idol status due to his work on the Benghazi investigation. He’s been the attack dog we’ve always wanted, but maybe he was only playing that role for a time until his true nature came out.

What many don’t realize is that he is tough but he hasn’t been the most stalwart conservative. He’s not moderate by any means and voting records can often wrongly depict a politician’s true perspectives, but it’s conspicuous that he scored an 80% on the Heritage Action Scorecard and a B-rating on the Conservative Review.

Maybe Gowdy wasn’t the paragon of conservatism that many have played him up to be. That would fit the narrative of supporting Rubio despite his Gang of Eight row on immigration that crosses squarely against Gowdy’s perspective on the subject.

Then again, it might be something more self-serving.

Regardless of why he pushed to the mushy middle with Rubio, one thing is clear. He’s part of the DC Cartel. This puts his failure to bring down Hillary Clinton into a whole new light.

On a side note, fellow Establishment player Jeb Bush has a Super PAC that’s going after Rubio hard for his actions as Senator. Here’s the video:

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