The narrative is more important than the facts for Salon and other liberal websites

Alleged Houston Mosque Arsonist

In 1992, my second child was born. I was working at home at the time so I was able to experience many more of those adorable moments when he would make mistakes than I could with my first child. It seemed like every misstep was something to be cherished (as long as he didn’t get hurt).

I get similar, albeit less sentimental, feelings whenever I see young, spirited journalists trying desperately to spin narratives to justify their worldview. These adorable stories (I hate to call them propaganda since that would take away from their cuteness) normally surround religion, business, or politics, areas that fall under great scrutiny and that represent the core of what many modern day journalists want to affect.

In the case of and political staff writer Ben Norton, they were eager to report about the hate crimes and other atrocities committed by Islamophobes. They posted a story about the arrest of a man suspected of starting the fire at a Houston mosque. His name is Gary Moore and the story jumps to so many conclusions it reads like a satire piece when you learn that Moore is not a white male racist but rather a devout Muslim who attended the mosque itself.

If you click on the link above, you’ll note that it goes to a doesn’t appear the same as the screenshot below. That’s because the article was pulled down for several hours until it could be edited to hide the incorrect assumptions made. No notes of the edit or updates were posted with the new variation nor were there references to the previous mistakes. Thankfully, we got a screenshot of it:

Salon Houston Mosque Story

The real irony of this story is that the author posted earlier this month about how western media jumped to conclusions about French teacher that claimed to be attacked by a Muslim.

As he stated in his article, “You can basically make up anything about ISIS, and the Western media will uncritically repeat it.”

Sometimes, you just have to grab a spoon and eat your own words. That’s probably not going to be the case in this sordid example of a media cover up.

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