Ted Cruz ad reveals him for who he is

Ted Cruz Ads

With every caucus and primary comes a necessity for the candidates to expose who they really are, at least from a political perspective. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton need no introductions, other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, both polling second for their respective parties, do not have the name or face recognition of the frontrunners.

It’s for this reason that the latest Cruz ad is personal. It features Cruz from start to finish with a soft focus and a direct appeal about who he his and what he represents. It’s as good as it gets for a 30-second ad.

His demeanor is notably toned down. This is the Ted Cruz that few people understand. He’s been branded as a controversial ideologue by competitors and the media, but the real Ted Cruz is much less bombast and more substantial. That’s the message. He’s the conservative that can beat Donald Trump and the Republican Establishment and he needs your vote.

It isn’t the type of ad that people are going to buzz about, but it’s exactly what his campaign needs right now. People need to know what Ted Cruz is really like.

Chastity Mansfield

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