Sean Penn rides on coattails of El Chapo

Sean Penn

Sean Penn is irrelevant. He’s a decent actor with more critical acclaim than he deserves and he’s a activist-for-camera-only type of Hollywood icon who craves attention and tries to help people to promote his own agendas. That’s been his life in a nutshell and it’s further evidenced in his Rolling Stone interview with notorious drug lord El Chapo.

There are journalists squealing all over themselves right now about unfair it is for a Hollywood has-been to get the interview of a lifetime. Penn wears many hats, but he’s not a serious journalist. He is, however, a serious narcissist and his subject in this case happens to be one as well. In fact, that’s why he was captured in the first place.

One should question Penn’s involvement. While there are journalistic standards that protect him, his choice of helping a known drug cartel boss with likely connections to murders should have us concerned.

Michio Hasai

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