The efficacy of affirmative action SHOULD be questioned and Trump should stop supporting it

Donald Trump Affirmative Action

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was being called a racist last month for questioning the efficacy of affirmative action, most people should have come to his defense. It’s not racist to look at the statistics and realize that the system isn’t working and has never worked as intended. If the program had worked as intended, we wouldn’t see the widening racial divide that has encompassed this country for decades and that has risen dramatically since President Obama was elected.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares that sentiment. GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has always supported affirmative action and when given the opportunity to walk back his comments in November, he doubled down. Chuck Todd asked him on Meet the Press, “Affirmative action. Should we keep it? Yes or no.”

Trump replied, “I’m fine with affirmative action.”

Look around. It isn’t working. This isn’t an issue that’s divided along racial lines where Caucasians don’t like it and minorities do. There are plenty of Caucasians, including Trump, who support it and plenty of minorities, including me, who are against it. Those who support it want to cater to a system that is clearly broken because they either believe they benefit from it or they don’t want to risk sounding racist. Those who are against it have opened their eyes to undisputed fact that it has not yielded the intended results. If it had, we wouldn’t have such an economic divide in our country.

It’s important to understand what Scalia and many Americans are saying. This isn’t about making things harder for minorities. It’s about taking a hard look at a system that clearly hasn’t worked and determining how to either revamp or replace it with a system that’s designed to yield better results. Many people need help for education and employment, but the affirmative action paradigm has not fixed those problems. Why support something that is so clearly broken?

There are things that need to be done to improve conditions for all Americans in need regardless of skin color. Donald Trump should know this. Instead, he’s saying what he believes is politically expedient rather than what’s best for the country.

Michio Hasai

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