Marco Rubio is a terrible decision-maker

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When talk started emerging in 2012 that Marco Rubio would be a great Vice Presidential candidate, pundits pointed to his likability and conservative perspectives as great counterbalances to Mitt Romney. After he didn’t get tapped, talk instantly shifted to a Rubio Presidential run in 2016 should Romney fail.

He failed. Rubio rose. Taking someone’s bad advice, he started courting the Republican Establishment crowd and building up his moderate credibility by abandoning some of the Tea Party values that put him in the Senate in the first place. The Gang of Eight marked the first bad decision that made national news, but it was the biggest in a long string of poor decisions he’d made throughout his short political career. Since then, they’ve only gotten worse.

As George Will puts it, he has a record of misjudgment:

At the Fox Business GOP Debate, he had an opportunity to be the shining star, the emerging favorite for the Republican Establishment to rally behind and the counterpunching alternative to the two frontrunners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. It was a good night for Rubio, but not great. Again, poor decisions in spats with Chris Christie and Cruz kept him from having a transcendent performance.

His record in the Senate has been abysmal. S-590 is a joke. Marco Rubio makes poor decisions because he decides from a perspective of political expediency rather than from true convictions that drive candidates like Trump, Christie, and Cruz.

Scarlett Madison

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