Republicans just can’t trust Chris Christie

Chris Christie Lies

There was a real opportunity to defeat President Obama in 2012. It wasn’t Mitt Romney, the nominee. It wasn’t Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, the other two possible choices late in the nomination process. The person who could have defeated Barack Obama didn’t run. It was Chris Christie, and he had his one chance at President go by him without a fight.

At the time, it probably seemed like a solid plan. He thought (or was advised) that it would be tough to defeat Obama the incumbent, but that he would have a better chance of beating the 2016 nominee following a second Obama term. It was sound advice, but there were problems. First, he’s a moderate and the long string of moderates haven’t had much success for the Republican party other than the one notable exception of George W. Bush. Second, he would have had to maintain a strong public persona for another four years. Third, he needed to stay out of trouble.

It’s this last one that has doomed him. He didn’t stay out of trouble. He had Bridgegate. He’s accumulated losses and problems that weren’t hampering him back in 2012. Now, he’s faced with a few fatal choices that are going to kill him for the 2016 election.

Chris Christie on Common Core

The vast majority of conservatives and a good chunk of moderate Republicans hate Common Core, the education standard that is in 42 states. One of those states is New Jersey and Christie has been a supporter.

When the topic was brought up at the GOP debate, he said that he had removed Common Core from New Jersey. This isn’t exactly correct.

Chris Christie supported Common Core up until the point that it was no longer politically expedient. Then he tried to erase it. When that didn’t work, he lied about erasing it.

Chris Christie on Sonia Sotomayor

Also at the debate, Chris Christie was accused of supporting the extremely liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who was appointed by President Obama.

He denied it.

He lied.

To be fair, he initially stated that she “wouldn’t have been his choice,” which isn’t exactly a bold attack on her nomination. Unfortunately for Christie, he then went on to say that he supported her appointment.

Chris Christie on Planned Parenthood

We aren’t going to tackle this one. It’s simply too old. He allegedly supported Planned Parenthood and had a pro-life stance in the 90s. Whether he did or not isn’t really relevant, though it would appear that he probably did.

It’s old enough to dismiss. However, we have to keep it in the back of our minds.

Bottom Line

In 2012, he could have won. This time, there are much stronger candidates. Chris Christie will not be the GOP nominee and people shouldn’t waste their vote on him, particularly in New Hampshire. It would seem that in all of the early states other than New Hampshire, it’s really a choice between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

One doesn’t even need to look at Christie’s lies to realize he’s done. They can look at his own state’s experience that he often touts but that now gives him an abysmal approval rating of 33%.

Michio Hasai

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