With a unified voice, our team has decided to endorse Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Endorsement

It’s hard to get seven opinionated people to agree on anything, let alone politics. Over the years, we’ve had debates, competing articles, and at least one incident that nearly turned to blows on the topic of politics. While we never expected to consolidate on the issue until the GOP nominee was selected, the events of the last couple of weeks turned it around and brought us together to endorse Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.

While we might be unified in our choice, we’re not in agreement about why. Two of us supported him from the start. The other five had paths of differing lengths with twists and turns along the way. Rather than trying to speak for everyone at once, we’ll take turns explaining how we came to our stance. I turn the article over to…


Yes, I’m one of those who supported him from the beginning. I’m the newest in the group and it seemed like an odd choice coming from California, but there’s something about Ted’s willingness to fight anyone, even his own party, when he feels like it’s in the best interests of the American people.


Ted Cruz is the only politician I’ve ever know to actually do what he promised while campaigning. I really liked Marco Rubio for a while, but when he turned his back on the Tea Party that helped get him into office, it was clear he wasn’t the man I expected. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, was everything he promised and more.


For me, it came down to two books: the Bible and the Constitution. He knows both, will defend both, and is guided by both.


Deep down I still want to see Carly Fiorina step it up and do something. She’s a good person who has persevered through a lot and I want to see her succeed. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the X-factor on the campaign trail that she’s shown in debates. I’m not one who abandons ship to go for my second choice but at this point I see no path for her to emerge. I’m not reluctant about Ted Cruz at all. He’s more of a 1b to Carly’s 1a as my choice.


Like Scarlett, I had Ted at #2. I was the last holdout because I think Ben Carson has the moral fortitude to bring the country from the brink of oblivion. Not to sound like a broken record but Cruz was right up there with Carson. Perhaps I was leaning towards Carson because he seems weaker, more real, less polished. Either way, his star faded when his deficiencies on the economy and foreign relations started becoming more apparent. With Cruz, I see no deficiencies.


What can I say. Ted’s been on my radar since before he won his Senate seat. I didn’t anticipate that he’d rise so quickly, but when he defied his peers and shut down the government for a righteous cause, I started trying to figure out how to help him move towards the White House. Now that he’s closer, I stress over it every day. I know that Donald Trump is a liberal with a handful of conservative talking points, but it’s hard to get his supporters to see this. Instead, I’m just going to move forward with supporting Cruz.

Me (Michio)

Reading all of these, I realize I’m the oddball. I haven’t endorsed anyone until the last debate. In reality, I wasn’t going to endorse anyone until the final debate, but watching how Cruz handled adversity was the selling point that pushed me over the edge.

There’s only one man that combines courage, integrity, intelligence, and resilience. A case can be made that no President in the modern era has embodied these traits better. Ted Cruz is the best choice for America today and to provide for us in the future.

Michio Hasai

+Michio Hasai is a social strategist and car guy. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  1. I like the reasoning. I believe Ted Cruz is truly destined to lead America at this time in history. How else has he survived everything that came against him, his own party, lies, accusations proven false, innuendo, name calling.

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