Why Marco Rubio will have major troubles in the general election

Marco Rubio Not Electable

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The general perception of Marco Rubio is that he’s likable, smart, a great speaker, and a bridge between mainstream and conservative Republicans. This makes him a top choice for the Republican Establishment to promote as their candidate which is why you’ll see tons of endorsements from Washington DC in the coming weeks. You’ll also see a leaning towards him in the mainstream media.

If you’re one of the millions of Republican who’re upset about us losing four of the last six Presidential elections, you have to take a close look at the dynamic of a Marco Rubio nomination. You’re being sold on the idea that he’s the most electable for many of the same reasons we were sold on Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. We were sold on their electability without realizing that each of them had an Achilles’ Heel that was used against them in the general election. Marco Rubio is unique because he actually has three of them.

First, his history of poor personal financial decisions seems like a minor thing today, but in the general election the Democratic nominee and their cronies in the mainstream media are going to make this a huge issue. The facts that he used a government-issued credit card to pay for a paving project at his house and to travel to a family reunion are getting chalked up by the GOP as “oops” moment, but the Democrats will blow it up as an example of fiscal irresponsibility. Alone, it can be defended against, but his history of bad financial decisions that include late payments for multiple loans and facing foreclosure on a home will validate the attacks.

Here’s an excerpt from a NY Times article last year:

For years, Senator Marco Rubio struggled under the weight of student debt, mortgages and an extra loan against the value of his home totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in 2012, financial salvation seemed to have arrived: A publisher paid him $800,000 to write a book about growing up as the son of Cuban immigrants.

In speeches, Mr. Rubio, a Florida Republican, spoke of his prudent plan for using the cash to finally pay off his law school loans, expressing relief that he no longer owed “a lady named Sallie Mae,” as he once called the lender.

But at the same time, he splurged on an extravagant purchase: $80,000 for a luxury speedboat, state records show. At the time, Mr. Rubio confided to a friend that it was a potentially inadvisable outlay that he could not resist. The 24-foot boat, he said, fulfilled a dream.

Look folks, there are other examples that they will use to paint him as an economic disaster waiting to happen, but these are enough. Some will wonder why this hasn’t been a big issue so far. The reason is that the Republican candidates are more focused on issues like his Gang of Eight betrayal and his big-government mentality, but the Democrats won’t bother with those since they share the sentiment. Instead, they’ll use his poor financial decisions as well as his other Achilles’ Heels to tear him down in the general election.

His second major weakness that the Democrats will exploit is one of the biggest reasons he’s appealing right now to the richest donors. His proposed elimination of the capital gains tax is a major win for the wealthiest people in the country, but the vast majority of voters don’t pay much in capital gains tax if any at all. The Democrats will use this to demonstrate how Rubio’s tax plan is made for the rich with a handful of nuggets tossed to the poor in order to appease them.

As Republicans, we look at reductions in the capital gains tax as a benefit for growth and business, but nobody goes so far as to eliminate it. This is the type of tax proposal that is made specifically for getting rich donors on board. There’s absolutely no reason for him to want to bring this into a general election unless he felt it was necessary for him to be the most generous to the wealthiest class for the sake of getting donations to promote his nomination.  It might work on the front end, but it’s a huge piece of baggage to be carrying into a general election. It’s a killer. Keep in mind that President Obama won with a promise to let the Bush tax cuts expire and to eventually raise the capital gains tax even more than the 20% top bracket.

Who will the Democrats and mainstream media say benefits the most from eliminating the capital gains tax? It’s pretty obvious and to the average uninformed voter, it will appear that Rubio is bought and paid for by his wealthy cronies. The number of votes he’ll win with this economic plan are numerous in the primaries but it will be a poison pill to him once the Democrats get a hold of it.

You have to look at this through an average voter’s eyes. You have the Democrats saying they’ll tax the rich more and the poor less. Then, you have Rubio saying that his tax plan will help hotel bartenders because the hotel owners will pay less in taxes and the bartenders will make more in tips. I’m not kidding. That’s how he answered the question when interviewed by John Harwood last year. Friends, that’s just not going to fly in the general election. By eliminating the capital gains tax, he’s banking on the fundraising benefits through the primaries and hoping that the Democrats and the liberal mainstream media won’t call him out for it if he gets the nomination. On this issue alone, he’ll be annihilated by them worse than Romney was and his tax plan was less generous to the rich than Rubio’s.

The last Achilles’ Heel for Rubio is his lack of accomplishments. He’s a heck of a speaker and a very likable personality, but we have to face facts. In the primaries, the only person attacking his inability to make anything stick is Chris Christie and he hasn’t done a very good job of getting that word out. The Democrats have experience on their side. Some will say that Hillary Clinton has very few accomplishments as well and they would be correct. However, the way that they will form the narrative if Rubio’s the nominee will be to point to the fact that he’s done literally nothing. His biggest claims to fame in the Senate are his failures and his record in Florida is uneventful.

Every other major GOP candidate has a long list of successes. Even Senator Cruz, who has been in the Senate for less time than Rubio, has a history of victories at the Supreme Court as well as his famous government shutdown which, in retrospect, will be painted as a positive considering that the GOP went on to win the Senate. He stood alone and he fought Obamacare which is now proving to be the righteous choice to make even if it demonized him among his peers. Trump and Carson have lifetimes full of accomplishments that make Rubio look like a child. The point is that Clinton’s lack of success is an area that the Republicans can attack in the general election unless Rubio is our nominee, in which case we lose one of our most powerful tools to use against her.

We saw the Republican Establishment make the same mistake in 2012 when Obamacare was the easiest point of attack and we decided to put up the architect of Romneycare as our nominee. We declawed ourselves like shortsighted fools because we thought that Romney was the most electable. Many think that Rubio is the most electable, but that is the exact opposite of the truth. If the general election were today, it might actually be true since the Democrats haven’t had a chance to reveal his flaws, but in November, if Rubio is the nominee, he’ll lose. The saddest part is that just about any other GOP candidate other than Rubio or Trump would likely beat Clinton very easily. Her two biggest weaknesses are a lack of successes and a lack of integrity. Rubio and Trump each eliminate the possibility of attacking one of her two biggest weaknesses.

Friends, now is the time to be discerning, to see things as they’ll be in October and November instead of how the media wants you to think about it today. A vote for Rubio is a vote for the easiest path the Democrats have of retaining the White House. Don’t believe the hype that says he’s the most electable. It’s a trap.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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