Liberal mainstream media will go in for the kill against Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Mainstream Media Bias

The sweet spot for Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign is coming up. Left-wing mainstream media and their joint-puppeteers at the DNC and the Republican Establishment will now do everything they can to vilify Cruz and demoralize his supporters. We witnessed it in 1980 with Ronald Reagan. We’re seeing it again with Cruz.

He wasn’t supposed to win Iowa, but he did. In New Hampshire, he was supposed to fade to obscurity like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, but he didn’t. This means that he’s a bigger threat than they realized. It means that he can actually compete with Donald Trump in South Carolina, a fact that terrifies them. It’s time for them to pull out the big guns. The last thing that either want is for a principled, consistent conservative with a penchant for keeping his promises to rise as the GOP nominee and eventually as President.

The narrative we’re about to see is going to go like this:

  • Left-wing media like Slate and Salon will continue their standard barrage on Cruz, a candidate they hate so much that they devote more stories to attack him than all of the other GOP candidates combined.
  • The DNC will paint Cruz as dangerous. They’ll use the left-leaning mainstream media to push their narrative that he’s too polarizing, too confrontational, and not able to work with Congress as evident from his time in the Senate.
  • The Republican Establishment is the worst of all in this scenario. They will attempt to paint Cruz as dirty. They will say how he’s not liked by anyone of prominence in Washington DC because he’s dirty. This narrative is important for them because they don’t want it to turn into a wave of anti-establishment fervor. They know they’re not liked so they’ll try to paint reasons for not liking Cruz. They won’t note the real reason, though. They don’t like him because he doesn’t play the political cronyism game that they’ve employed since Reagan left office.

To those who do not support Cruz, we urge you to do actual research.

Is he really divisive? In the Senate, he has been, but a formidable argument can be made that he’s divisive because the majority of the Senate is corrupt. In fact, when there has been a need to unify, Cruz has demonstrated strength.

Did he really steal Donald Trump’s idea of building the wall? Trump has been saying it for seven months. What most seem to be oblivious to is that Cruz has been saying it for nearly five years.

This isn’t the time to list out Cruz’s positives versus the narrative. Considering how hard the media will be going after Cruz, it would be a long article and feel like the Dutch boy putting his fingers in the dam. Instead, we strongly encourage this: do your research before buying into the manipulative narratives you’re going to hear.

To those who currently support Cruz, remain diligent. They’re going after you. The mainstream media, the DNC, and the Republican Establishment will do whatever they can to make you change your mind. They will say that he can’t win. They will say that he’s a crook, a liar, a thief, or any other variations of “bad dude” that they can muster. Stay strong. Cruz can be the next Reagan. In fact, he may be able to do more than Reagan based upon the devastated political atmosphere we’re seeing. Reagan had to fix things after four years of Carter, but Cruz has to fix things after eight years of Obama.

The silver lining: this will be a necessary test. If Cruz has the mettle to make it through the coming attacks, he will have earned his place to compete for the Oval Office. Let the rumors, lies, and manipulative narratives begin.

Scarlett Madison

+Scarlett Madison is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living but really prefers to read more than write. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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