The politics behind Trump’s worst campaign contribution: $50K to Rahm Emanuel

Trump Tower

At one point or another, all of the GOP Presidential candidates have mentioned that Donald Trump has helped Democrats such as the Clintons, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi get into or stay in office. One name that doesn’t come up nearly as often is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who Trump supported heavily in his 2010 campaign. It’s in this contribution that we see how Trump’s political style really works.

It’s often noted that Trump has no political experience, that he’s an outsider who has never been corrupted by the political games that his competitors have had to play. Unfortunately for him and his supporters, this narrative doesn’t jive with his documented four decades of political cronyism. He’s not a novice that has never been influenced. He’s been the giver and taker of political bartering and coercion at levels that actually exceed many of the candidates he’s running against.

An interesting in-depth investigation by WGN in Chicago points to one of the most blatant examples of political corruption they’ve seen in recent years. It’s a startling claim for a city like Chicago that has a deep and dark history of political escapades. In it, they uncover the legal but unethical “bribery” of state, city, and local officials through high-end campaign contributions that have apparently enabled Trump to bypass tax burdens. In Chicago, tax revenues are dynamic based upon budgets, which means that the millions of dollars that Trump allegedly bilked must be paid instead by local citizens.

According to the report:

It may not be in Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” but as the building was underway, he gave $10,000 to the Cook County Democratic Party, chaired by none other than Joe Berrios who handles tax appeals. In 2010, Trump gave Alderman Brendan Reilly $5,000. Trump Tower is in Reilly’s ward. Trump then donated a whopping $50,000 to then mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel.

The donation to Emanuel is conspicuous as he’s part of the “Obama Cartel” of left-wing political power brokers. Prior to his recent controversies over law enforcement, Emanuel was a Clinton/Obama darling who has helped the last two Democratic Presidents gain and hold their influence. He was President Obama’s Chief of Staff when Trump made his sizable donation.

Trump and his supporters will likely chalk this up as another example of him making a good deal. The people of Chicago who have been hurt by it would likely see it differently.

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