Are Trump Republicans simply not ready for a minority nominee?

Trump Republicans

Before anyone starts commenting about another liberal site playing the race card, let’s be clear: we wholeheartedly support Ted Cruz because he’s the true conservative and we’re wholeheartedly against Donald Trump because he’s far too liberal. We’re not playing the race card. We’re simply wondering if others in the Republican party are, specifically those in or around Donald Trump’s camp.

It didn’t cross my mind that Donald Trump was winning because of race until his conspicuous sidestepping of the very easy questions that Jake Tapper threw at him on Sunday. This wasn’t a “gotcha” moment against Trump. In fact, it was an opportunity to denounce racism in general and white supremacists in particular.

He absolutely lied by saying he didn’t know David Duke. Then he revealed the lie, saying that he’d already denounced the endorsement on Friday, but pretended like he didn’t lie at all. Then he doubled down on the lie with a bit of spin by saying that his earpiece didn’t work. None of it makes sense until one realizes that Trump is a very smart man. He knows much of his support comes from racists. Whether Trump himself is racist is up for debate, but at the very least he’s pretending to be sympathetic of racism on the campaign trail.

Trump aside, I firmly believe that the Republican party as a whole has embraced minorities. I’m a minority. That’s anecdotal but I see nothing in the party platform or within the conservative ideology that appeals to racism. In fact, I can argue that the conservative movement is both more kind as well as more empowering to minorities than anything coming from liberals, but that’s another discussion.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter. Trump should not be the nominee, at least not for any logical reasons. He’s liberal on most issues, well left of moderates on free trade, entitlements, government spending, and the military. He’s devoid of a public official’s “filter,” and while his supporters see this as a positive, it’s very clear that a President without the common decorum of leadership should never represent this or any other country. His history of massive failures in every single endeavor he’s attempted outside of real estate and entertainment would disqualify anyone; Carly Fiorina was being attacked for lukewarm success that far exceeded the results that Trump delivered with Trump Air, Trump Mortgage, Trump University, Trump Steaks… the list is very long.

If he shouldn’t be the nominee and it’s crystal clear to anyone who’s paying attention, why haven’t his supporters jumped ship? Many pundits were anticipating that his supporters would see the light and shift support to one of the other frontrunners. It didn’t happen. That’s what makes us wonder: would they have made the logical choice if the other frontrunners were white males? Is the fact that three out of four of the remaining competitors are minorities preventing them from abandoning the worst Presidential candidate either party has seen since Walter Mondale? If John Kasich had a chance, would Trump’s supporters go to him?

Don’t take it the wrong way. We’re not suggesting that every Trump supporter is a racist, but it’s naive to think that he’s not getting the lion’s share of them.

Michio Hasai

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