As Rubio and Kasich flop, Ted Cruz offers only viable path for #NeverTrump voters

Ted Cruz CPAC

Marco Rubio was supposed to have a shot in Maine where no major polls were present. John Kasich was supposed to be able to pull delegates from Kentucky, his home state neighbor. In both cases, they finished 4th. Things are not looking very good for the Republican Establishment candidates and it’s only going to get worse if they lose their home states on March 15 which, at this point, looks probable.

It’s time for Republicans who do not want Donald Trump to be their nominee to accept that Ted Cruz is the only candidate with a shot at beating him. Cruz did his part with a stunning overwhelming victory in Kansas and a shocking upset in Maine, part of the Northeast where Cruz is supposed to be most vulnerable.

Trump is not sounding any alarm bells, but his campaign is worried. They issued a strange statement calling for Rubio to drop out. They say that he wants to take on Cruz one-on-one. This is ludicrous, of course; it’s widely believed that Cruz could win, possibly even sweep the remaining primaries and caucuses if Rubio and Kasich were to leave before Trump gets to beat them on March 15. Perhaps its false bravado. Maybe it’s reverse psychology. Either way, it’s very clear that the last thing Trump would want is for Rubio and Kasich to drop out soon. Later is fine once he has a bigger lead, but he’s up by under 100 delegates right now and he needs to win a few before the winner-takes-all states start hitting.

Cruz has the strongest support from conservatives, but even moderate Republican voters should start viewing Cruz as their best chance at stopping Trump from making it a two-Democrat general election. His views are quickly shifting to the left and his policies that were once pseudo-conservative are no longer trying to pretend to be so. With flip-flops piling up every week, conventional wisdom would say that his supporters are starting to get Trump fatigue. They’re not. While we don’t subscribe to the idea that they’re all starstruck low-information voters, we do believe their spellbound to Trump’s personality and are blind to his liberal policy proposals. He’s definitely not a conservative. He’s barely a Republican. He isn’t the anti-Establishment candidate but rather the most malleable GOP candidate to run since Gerald Ford. However, he’s Donald J. Trump and his supporters are locked in. That’s why those who oppose him must hop on board with Ted Cruz before it’s too late.

The media will always be against him. The Republicans Establishment is still deciding between the lesser of two “evils.” It’s the voters who must take back the country despite these challenges. It’s time to rally around Ted Cruz.

Scarlett Madison

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