Trump won’t fight the system. He IS the system.

Donald Trump Is The System

There’s a theme that’s emerging from the CNN GOP Debate. It didn’t come from an attack on Donald Trump. It came multiple times from Trump’s own mouth. He’s always used the system in business. He’s always been on the buying end of politics. A history of working within the system doesn’t mean that he’s the right person to take it on. That argument, being made by him and his supporters, is the Presidential equivalent of having the fox guarding the hen house.

Absolutely nothing in his history, even as recently as last year, indicates that he’s a reformed Establishment political abuser who feels a righteous calling to end corruption. To his credit, he’s not claiming that he is. In essence, his sales pitch has shifted from “I’m against the Establishment” to “I am the Establishment and that gives me the insight to change it.” Unfortunately, he gives no reason why he would be so kind. He has offered nothing in the way of a reason for wanting to stop the corruption that he participated in for decades, the same corruption that has ruined so many aspects of this country over the last three decades that there are voters today who don’t remember a time when things were better.

Trump is spinning the narrative for a reason. He knows that he will either have to release his tax returns or that his tax returns will be leaked. He also knows that there are skeletons in his closet that will tie him to the nefarious dealings that so many in and out of the Beltway have used for their benefit and to the detriment of American citizens. He’s preparing us for the revelation that he’s made some shady deals with the DC Cartel and those deals have harmed people. He won’t claim to be reformed. He’s asking us to trust that he won’t abuse Presidential power based upon the concept that he doesn’t need to anymore. His abuses are already done.

There’s a distinct need to hold the government accountable for the corruption, but the answer isn’t to add to that corruption by putting a puppeteer in with his puppets. Instead, Ted Cruz offered a far better solution at the last GOP debate and reasoning, discerning voters will realize that it’s a better way.

Donald Trump has a different style. Carly Fiorina defined it well:

Donald Trump is the Establishment. Donald Trump is corrupt. Donald Trump has hurt people. Even he isn’t contesting these facts. He simply hopes that enough people will believe that he’s done with the corruption. It’s a tough pitch, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Donald J. Trump.

Scarlett Madison

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  1. This article rings more true today, 21 days from the election. I have always felt that Donald misses the point. He IS the kind of person who benefits the most out of all of this. Even if he loses, he wins.

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