What John Kasich is doing is worse than Donald Trump

John Kacish Cannot Win

We aren’t fans of Donald Trump and some of us actually like John Kasich, but right now Kasich is doing far more harm to America and the Republican party by staying in the race. Why? Because the only possible outcomes that his campaign can produce are both bad.

He wants a brokered convention. With no mathematical potential for winning the nomination, all he can hope for is to be the moderate choice against two extremes. The problem is that if he wins the nomination through convention, he’ll lose to Hillary Clinton. If he doesn’t win the nomination through convention because Trump is able to get the delegates required, we all lose to Hillary Clinton.

In essence, John Kasich is clearing the path for a Hillary Clinton Presidency. This must stop. If he drops out and Trump beats Ted Cruz fair and square, so be it. By staying in the race, he isn’t allowing the natural progression of this battle to play out. He’s preventing Cruz and Trump from going head-to-head for the soul of the Republican party and the future of the country.

Whether you like Trump or not, he isn’t trying to steal the nomination by manipulating the convention rules. He’s trying to win the hearts and minds of Republican voters and for that reason he’s much more honorable than John Kasich.

He won his home state. That’s it. Are we really looking at a candidate pushing for a brokered convention because he won his home state? Half of the states have voted and he came out with the one “gimme” of a win. He’s willfully destroying the party and the country to appease his own ego and for that, he deserves to be despised by every Republican in the nation.

Any other candidate that failed in every state other than his home state would see the writing on the wall. Kasich has other plans. If he succeeds, Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States.

Michio Hasai

+Michio Hasai is a social strategist and car guy. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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