Would Andrew Breitbart be ashamed of what @BreitbartNews has become?

Andrew Breitbart on Donald Trump

Sellouts. Liberals. Conspirators. Non-patriots. There are many ways to classify the powers that be at Breitbart, the publication namesake of late conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart. Their unabashed anti-conservative support for Donald Trump has many wondering what Andrew himself would think of the publication if he were still alive today.

It’s no secret that he wasn’t a fan of Trump. Even in the previous speculative stage of Trump’s run for President back in 2012, Breitbart made it clear that he didn’t believe Trump was a conservative. As his policies continue to come out and appear as if they were written by a Hillary Clinton intern, Andrew Breitbart’s speculations have turned out to be mild compared to the reality of the real estate mogul’s campaign.

Anyone who has been paying attention realizes that there’s something suspicious about the way that Breitbart News endorses Trump. It’s not transparent the way that National Review has dumped on Trump and embraced Ted Cruz. It’s not obvious the way that The Resurgent has tilted their coverage to 100% anti-Trump. Breitbart News seems bent on trying to pretend like they’re giving some positive spin towards Cruz and other candidates while hammering its readers with stories that are indistinguishable from what the Trump campaign would say.

It’s as if they’re trying to pretend like they’re not pro-Trump while giving an “unbiased” bump to everything great about the candidate.

Cruz posted a reminder to everyone that Andrew Breitbart held no illusions that Trump was conservative.

It’s not right to speak for a man who has passed away, but it’s a pretty safe bet that if he were alive today, his publication would be on the right side of history by opposing the liberal rather than acting as his personal shill and public relations agency.

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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