Did Apple Pay suffer from failure to launch properly?

Apple Pay

The myth of Apple doing everything right has been debunked many times, but compared to most of their competitors they’ve had a very strong track record of putting out great products and services that people like. Even when they fail miserably, such as with Apple Maps, they’re able to correct quickly and make the most of the snafus. After all, they’re Apple.

Apple Pay seems to be a different story. The clunky service is approaching two-years in service and it’s still hard for users to find places that accept it properly. Many of those who do are so unfamiliar with its use that they have to call managers who often have to call senior managers just to figure out how to accept it for a Big Mac payment.

Did it suffer from underexposure or does it have a different problem? The Verge may have the answer:

This may very well be the future, but it’s off to a rocky start. Will we see more or better from Apple Pay and Google Pay in the future or are they both doomed to go obsolete with the next iteration?

Scarlett Madison

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