President Obama should come home after Brussels attack

President Obama in Cuba

So far, President Obama has been relatively silent about the terrorist attacks that hit Brussels. This continues the trend of failed leadership both for his country and the world that once looked to him as the person who could bring stability to the nations and help to end terrorism.

Boy, were we all wrong.

Now is not the time for padding his Presidential resume. Cuba is only mildly important but the Obama administration wants to boost it up because it separates his Presidency from those in the recent past. Rather than covering up his failures, he should be focused on bringing sanity to the nation and the world.

Come home, Mr. President. Cut your trip short. Imagine how history will look at you for giving up your photo opportunities for the sake of those who actually need you. I know it’s a weak argument, but with this President it’s the best we have.

Chastity Mansfield

I'm a writer, an amateur designer, and a collector of trinkets that nobody else wants. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.

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