Donald Trump is imploding. Is he doing it on purpose?

Donald Trump Imploding

The pundits have been almost entirely wrong about Donald Trump’s candidacy since the beginning. They didn’t think he was serious. He was. They didn’t think people would support him enough to win primaries. They did. They knew he would implode at some point. He didn’t… until now.

His candidacy has been the most shocking and untenable from the start but it has also proven one thing very clearly: people are mad, particularly Republicans. He tapped into that palpable anger and turned it into a populist campaign that went against logical solutions in favor of compelling sound bites. Millions of voters flocked to his message without questioning whether or not it could actually play out the way he’s saying.

As the conversation shifts to substance over insults, his weaknesses are starting to show. In one week, he’s been able to make several negative news narratives stick to him, something he’s been able to completely avoid throughout the campaign. Here are some examples:

He’s stumbling on foreign policy, even recommending that other countries should get nukes rather than the United States honoring its treaties.

He shifted positions on abortion multiple times in the same day.

Trump has brought up the subject of abortion mostly when asked about it. He has repeatedly praised Planned Parenthood for its work on women’s health—fighting words to many Republicans.

Posted by Soshable on Thursday, March 31, 2016

His campaign manager was arrested. That in itself does minor damage, but then Trump defended him with outrageous Tweets and statements.

Then, of course, there was the Tweet that alienated The Donald from millions of American women who do not believe it’s appropriate for a President to engage in “wife shaming.”

His apologists are either stumbling on their own defenses or abandoning defending him altogether.

If we didn’t know better, we’d think that Donald Trump is intentionally trying to lose the election in a contested convention so he could cry “unfair” to his fans. Then, he could take his supporters with him and establish kingmaker status for future elections, forcing politicians to kiss his ring in order to get his support. We know better, of course. Or do we?

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