Why Carly Fiorina was a bad Presidential candidate but would be a great VP candidate

Carly Fiorina Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina is exciting. It’s not just the fact that she’s a female who ran for a position that only two other women have been serious contenders for over the last three elections. It’s that she has an extreme likability about her. While she lacks experience and strong policy recommendations, she makes up for it with pure intellect and charisma when she speaks.

As a Presidential candidate, she didn’t get the opportunity to speak often enough. It was telling that her one major and one minor spikes in the polls happened after the second and third GOP debates. When she wasn’t speaking to the masses in a group, she was relatively ignored by the media. She also failed to build a strong organization, most likely due to poor fundraising.

She failed to make a substantial mark as a Presidential candidate, but those weaknesses evaporate if Ted Cruz wins the nomination and selects her as his Vice Presidential choice. Experience and policy – Cruz leads the ticket with both. Speaking to the masses – as a VP candidate, she’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak to tens of thousands at a time and will get much more airtime once Donald Trump is out of the race. Organization – again, Cruz has her covered with one of the most impressive organizations in recent Presidential campaign history.

All of the things that kept her from being a good Presidential candidate will be wiped away if she’s tapped as Cruz’s VP.

The strengths she brings to the table are numerous. We can (and should) ignore the 800-lb gorilla in this particular room. She would be the first VP candidate for a nominee since Geraldine Ferraro and would offer a female presence against the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. That’s all we’ll say about that because it’s not the important reason for having her even though the media would play it up as such.

Her real strengths are in the contrast she brings opposite of Cruz. If there’s one thing that Cruz is known for in Washington DC, it’s that he isn’t well-liked. Some of this is his firebrand personality, but most of it surrounds his battles with the “wrong” people in politics. Any other year, those battles with people within his own party would have sunk his chances early on, but this is the year of the insurgents. Still, it’s a challenge.

Fiorina is the opposite. She’s instantly likable and continues to exude her charisma even when she’s on the attack. She’s not soft by any means; behind Cruz, Trump, and Chris Christie, she is probably the 4th most fiery of the original 17 GOP hopefuls. However, her delivery is passionate while maintaining sincerity that cannot be taught or practiced. She says things and people trust her.

We’re not endorsing or recommending that Cruz should select her if he’s the nominee, but we definitely wouldn’t be upset or surprised, particularly based upon her most recent response to the question.

The first step is securing the nomination before or during the convention, but once that’s done, it would be shocking if Fiorina wasn’t in the mix to be Cruz’s Vice President.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. V.P may be all well and good, but I would like her better as , Secretary of State, first to clean up Clinton’s mess, then to finally blow the top of of Benghazi. Cruz could trust her to follow his lead on Israel.

    She would also be very effective in cleaning out the progressive, socialist influence in the state department. Get rid of every clinton, obama, state dept. hire- appointee.

  2. She was the most concise and sharp critic of Hillary on the Republican stage. I would support her as P or VP

  3. I agree wholeheartedly and now that Cruz has selected her as his VP – all the more sweet. I believe they both made the right decision!

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