Why will nobody in the media call out Trump for blatant lies?

Donald Trump Lying

Narcissistic projection is the condition where someone takes their own flaws and projects them onto others. Donald Trump is a case study for this. He’s been known to lie regularly, yet labels Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted”. He did it to Ben Carson and Jeb Bush. One of his recent Tweets takes it up a notch.

It has been widely speculated that Trump gets many of his “endorsements” by offering “goodies” to his endorses. This is why it’s ironic when he claims that Cruz is actually the one doing this.

No, Cruz did not offer “goodies” to delegates. He brought together conscientious Republicans who do not want to see the party destroyed by a disastrous Trump nomination, so they work within the system to bring the will of the people to light. Trump has been able to bamboozle millions of Americans into thinking that he’s legitimate. There are millions more who feel the exact opposite, which is why the delegate play by the Cruz campaign is both logical and righteous.

Is the system bad? Yes. In a good system, the candidates would all be on a level playing field. The media would not be able to highlight every time Trump kisses a baby with 24/7 news coverage. In a good system, the candidates would all be asked questions and have their answers recorded. Then, the people could view their policies and credentials rather than having to sift through the bits and pieces of coverage given to them within the onslaught of Trump’s media hurricane.

In a fair system, Trump’s knowledge would matter. His experience would matter. His inability to form a coherent thought about foreign affairs would matter. Instead, we have a system that forces candidates like Ted Cruz to work within it in order to achieve the proper result.

Where is the media? Where are our “journalists?” They are acting as Trump’s fifth column, destroying the Republican party from within. Certainly there’s still some honor within the liberal media that is willing to call Trump out on his lies. When he accuses Cruz of a federal crime like working with his super PACs, nobody calls him on it. When he pushes the moniker of “Lyin’ Ted” and only gives the example of Cruz’s campaign staffer that shared the CNN report about Ben Carson leaving the race, the media should be asking for examples of Cruz’s lies. Today, with Trump accusing Cruz of another crime – bribing delegates and committees with “goodies,” the media is all but silent.

The media wants Trump to be the nominee so they can keep their Democratic darlings in power. The question is how many Americans are going to be too blind to see it.

Scarlett Madison

+Scarlett Madison is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living but really prefers to read more than write. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

  1. The liberal media is totally in this electoral race. The media has a goal and uses disinformation to achieve the intended results. The media manipulates the story covinient to the hush hush goals it purportedly embraces. The media distorts facts and sells their goods to an unsuspecting populace. There are no boundries, no ethics, no absolute truths.

    In the end, all this free air time for Trump is to throw him under the bus… the playing field is not fair and not level as long as people accept the media’s prodding and varnishing of the truth. “We the people” can not place our trust in the media. To do so is to give up our self governance.

    Progressives, Socialists, Liberals, Communists, Islamists and other pundits know this and teamed up with the libral media to “fundamentally” change our nation. They count on it to divide, to conquer and to impose on our national resolve and our way of life. Currently this effort starts in the highest office of the land and it must be defeated.

    jla and I approve this post.

  2. I have been seeing that for a long time. When he was accusing Ted of lying, I knew DT was lying. I don’t see how anyone with a brain could believe him. Everything he accuses Ted of could be attributed to him. I used to like Ben Carson,(well not as much as Cruz) until all of a sudden he was for sale to Donald Trump.

  3. Thank you for calling it for what it is. Lying! And…you are right. The media, including Fox News falls all over itself to get Trumps latest lie and substantiveless defamation of Cruz on the TV Screems of America, so they will all KNOW that Cruz is a liar. Unfortunately millions of Americans, Republicans included, are too ignorant of the Corruption of the progressives in both parties to see it for what it is. Defame Cruz, Defame Cruz, right out of the Nazi handbook on defaming the Jews so they could have their way with them. Voters…wake up!

  4. I get very angry when pundits refuse to foiiow up on questions that Trump lies about. They just let him lie, then go on to the next question. Really? Go after him. Ask him to back up his statements. Chuck Todd is famous for this. He seems to think it is not his place to smack Trump down. He just smiles and goes on to the next question. MSNBC seems reluctant to really put his feet to the fire. If Trump gets elected he will have to build a wall alright but it will be on the Canadian border to keep us from leaving the country.

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