If Trump doesn’t understand campaign politics, how can he succeed at Presidential politics?

Donald Trump Whining

Over the weekend, Donald Trump failed to grasp one of the most basic components of campaign politics. It’s much easier to work within the confines of delegate accumulation than in the complex worlds of geopolitics or $19 trillion debts. It’s what Ronald Reagan did in 1976 to force a convention without a candidate having a majority. The worst part is that he’s known about it for five months and technically since before his campaign even launched.

Colorado is now the target of Trump’s favorite political weapon: whining. He’s the best at it and it shows within his real estate empire. In many parts of business, whining works. The President of the United States cannot be viewed by the American people or world leaders as a whiner. It won’t work from the Oval Office.

Many of his supporters apparently don’t realize this. People like Roger Stone, Matt Drudge, Katrina Pierson, Eric Bolling, and Paul Manafort know it, but it’s their jobs to spin this as a great travesty of the American election process.

Let’s put aside, for now, the debate over whether or not it’s fair. Very few in the Trump camp will discuss how the delegate rules have given Trump a 22% bump in delegates because we realize that the politics behind the politics allows such things to happen. It’s fine. We knew it from the beginning and went in with our eyes open. Nobody outside of the Trump camp is whining about how unfair that one is.

Instead, let’s discuss what this means from the perspective of a potential Trump Presidency. This wasn’t something that the GOP sprung on us all last week. It’s been discussed ad nauseam for months. It wasn’t a hidden landmine that Trump stumbled upon unwittingly. It’s also not something that he would be complaining about had he won all of the delegates.

It’s time for Trump (and his supporters) to get off his whiny high horse and answer some serious questions:

  • With all of his riches and vast network of supporters, why did he walk into Colorado completely unprepared? A President must be prepared for such things, particularly when the writing has been on the wall for months.
  • If he can’t handle the delegate puzzle, how can he handle actual national or world puzzles that require similar but more difficult planning and problem solving?
  • After six decades of whining to get his way, will Trump be able to change his very nature of win on the biggest stage in the world?

There are other questions that need to be answered, but those are a start. In fact, they might be the only questions that matter. This is not righteous outrage coming out based upon a true desire to change the system. It’s a smokescreen to divert attention from the fact that Colorado and other states where Trump is losing delegates are representations of his ineptitude. He is winning the race because of the media’s insane attention on him and his willingness to say absolutely anything to get votes. He isn’t winning because he’s running a good campaign. If he can’t run a good campaign, how can he be a good President?

This is a smokescreen to hide his incompetence. Unfortunately, it’s working. Trumpeters who should be questioning the strategic skills of their candidate are looking away and crying foul.

As Rush Limbaugh, who has been a Trump apologist, pointed out regarding Trump’s inability to lead, “It isn’t even a contest. It is fascinating to watch. And, of course, the Trump people think that games are being played and that tricks are being pulled. But that’s not happening.”

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. On the other hand, Cruz has taken the time and hired the people necessary to win. If you want to win win win, #TrusTed

  2. Thank you for taking over this insane media, we need to trust someone, and I hope you are the ones telling us the truth. Good luck and keep us informed

  3. After President “I heard it on CNN” Obama for the past 7 years, the Trump supporters are asking us to have another president who cannot handle the details of actually doing his job.

  4. Apparently Donald failed to consult with his “good brain” before dealing with Colorado. Had he done so, I’m sure the result would have been the same since we all know his brain is “Abby Normal.”

  5. Thank you JD Rucker! I have bookmarked this site ,and removed the Drudge site. Plus, I can actually post here!! I can’t seem to get an approval at Red State, however much I have wanted to be able to participate.

    Good luck with this new venture!!! I like it so far.

    Finally a media is saying it;
    And with proper grammar as well!
    Bravo!! (or Brava!!)

  7. Donald Trump’s abject incompetence was on full display in Colorado during the delegate selection process. Afterward, the entire world saw his embarrassing reaction of blame and whining. The tide is turning. All projections for Trump to reach 1237 have been based on the assumption that the polls today will reflect the polls over the next two months. Even with that, it seems nearly impossible for Trump to reach a majority. With the current trajectory heading south for Trump, his campaign is doomed. He will not reach a delegate majority before Cleveland. And there is no way that he could possibly win on the second ballot.
    It is time that the media stop referring to Trump as the “frontrunner”. He will almost certainly lose.

  8. Thank you for this article and this site. I finally do not feel as though I am getting bashed upside the head when I am reading an article. Please do not ever go to the dark side!

  9. I unsubscribed to several Trump pushers that couldn’t say anything good about Ted Cruz. Cruz is my guy. At least I still have Red State and now you.


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