With 219 girls still missing in Nigeria, one must ask how this is even possible

Boko Haram Girls

Send in the FBI. Send in the Navy SEALs. Send in Mossad. Send a thousand surveillance drones. Heck, send in MI6. There is absolutely, positively no logical reason why 219 girls kidnapped two years ago in Nigeria should still be missing.

Nigeria isn’t small. It’s about the size of Texas and Utah combined. It is run by an inept government that is receiving resources and training from the United States, Britain, and many countries around the world, but the teen girls are still missing and Boko Haram is still fully operational.

There are two components to terrorism that, when snuffed out, can bring an entire organization down. The first component is courage and right now the radical Islamic terrorist groups like Boko Haram, the Islamic State, and al Qaeda have absolutely no reason to fear anyone. The second component is intimidation. When the people are intimidated by terrorists who can get away with atrocities like this without repercussions, they lose their will to fight back.

Plenty of Americans, including a good chunk of conservatives, view this as “not our problem.” There are times when even the most isolationist perspective must recognize there’s a difference between being the police force of the world and taking part in righting obvious wrongs.

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Scarlett Madison

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  1. OMG! Do you mean to tell me that the Almighty Hashtag of Michelle Obama failed to free these girls? That the muslim terrorists who kidnapped them didn’t simply drop dead knowing they had displeased Michelle the Great?

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