Of course The Ark Encounter can choose to only hire Christians

The Ark Encounter

There’s an uproar in the liberal and atheists sectors of journalism and politics that’s screaming about the audacity of Ken Ham for requiring employees of The Ark Encounter to be Christians. This uproar is ludicrous.

As a religious organization, Answers in Genesis and those involved in The Ark Encounter project have every right to make sure their employees share the same fundamental beliefs. This is not a government organization. The problem they’re facing is in asking Kentucky for an $18 million tax incentive for tourism. This is questionable. While I’m not familiar with the precedence, one would believe that by offering the incentive, the state could be using taxpayer dollars to promote a single religious belief. Again, I’m not a lawyer, but this seems like something that may not fly.

What WILL fly is the idea that a religious institution can require their employees to be of the same religion. If a Hindu tourist attraction wanted to only hire Hindus, nobody would be questioning it at all. However, the media seems bent on making Ham and his project look bad.

Read into the sentiment in these two pieces:

All too often we’re told that separation of church and state is intended to protect the government from religion. In reality, the original intent was to prevent the state from influencing the church.

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