‘Voterless’ wins? Really? EVERY registered Republican in CO and WY had the opportunity to vote for Trump’s delegates

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There’s a reason that I didn’t write about this before. I assumed that someone, anyone in the media would speak out and alert the people that Donald Trump’s (and Breitbart’s, and Drudge’s, and…) lies about the elections being rigged in Colorado and Wyoming to benefit “the Establishment” were absolutely false. It never happened. I should have known better than to trust the media, particularly when it comes to Donald Trump.

The problem is that there are two simultaneous issues involving delegates right now and Trump is playing them together to confuse the ill-informed electorate. The first is that the delegate selection process, which is exactly as it has been for a long, long time, offers the opportunity for intelligent and strategic candidates (aka Ted Cruz) to pick up second-ballot supporters. If nobody reaches 1,237 on the first ballot, many delegates are unbound and can vote for whoever they want. Having actually read the rules, Cruz’s team prepared for the possibility of a contested convention. Trump’s team did not. This lack of an ability to navigate the calm waters of delegate selection is a harbinger for failure if Trump ever had to sail the rough waters of actually being President.

The second issue is that of convention states. Like caucus states, convention states require the grassroots efforts to make their systems work. This is important to understand: every single registered Republican voter in Colorado and Wyoming had the opportunity to vote for Trump’s slates of delegates. Record numbers of voters actually did in both states. The idea that it was “voterless” is truly ignorant. It’s not just ignorance on display from Trump and his campaign. It represents an ignorance within the media for willfully allowing Trump to twist it the way that he has.

Of course, it was Mark Levin who finally came out and set the record straight. Unfortunately, it may be too late, at least for New York. Trump preys on the “poorly educated” and this is a perfect example of that process at work.

What’s important to understand here is that Trump is only complaining about the process because he lost. He would be bragging about how he outmaneuvered and outsmarted Cruz if he had won the delegates. Instead, rather than admitting his campaign tried and failed, he now pretends like he didn’t even try out of protest against the system. Thankfully, the internet keeps good records of his team the month before saying that they were hammering away in both states and were “kicking his butt” (Cruz’s) in preparation for the Colorado convention.

If Trump is simply ignorant, that’s excusable but it means that he’s incapable of being successful as a nominee, let alone as the President. If he’s simply manipulating the uninformed electorate, then it’s a character issue and he doesn’t deserve to carry the Republican mantle. Either way, this should be a disqualifying issue.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Absolutely correct. The only people here in Colorado who didn’t vote for delegates are those who didn’t bother to caucus. Skipping your vote isn’t voter disenfranchisement.

    All the info was available online, we could optionally pre-register. Our area met at a local school, where we split up by precinct number. There were about 24 people from my precinct there, but the school must have had over 100 precincts meeting there. I’m not sure how big a precinct is. Each precinct had an envelope with instructions and we began. We started by electing someone from among us to lead the meeting. We went with the guy who had done it last year, though he wasn’t great. We decided to go around and talk about who we supported for president before we voted on county delegates. Yes, we set the rules there, because we showed up. This seems very grass roots, voter driven.

    At my precinct caucus, there was 1 who supported Trump first, Cruz second, one or two for Carson first, Cruz second, several for Rubio first, Cruz second, and one for Cruz, Rubio second. A few wouldn’t share, saying they were undecided. Several could not agree that far in advance to support Trump if he was the nominee.

    We voted for delegates to the county assembly, and our precinct could send 6 – and only 6 volunteered.

    So we sent the Cruz guy, the Trump guy, and 4 others. The Denver county assembly was similar. Very little support for Trump, and his surrogate who chose to use his speech to attack the recently dropped out Rubio, got lots of “boo”s and shouts of “Never Trump” from the voters who had been elected at their caucuses.

    The congressional district assembly and state convention were similar.

    Trump lost because he didn’t have support. His supporters lost because either
    1) They aren’t Republicans so couldn’t caucus or
    2) Couldn’t be bothered to go to the caucus.

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