Cruz supporters must prepare for after effects from the Trump Nor’easter

Donald Trump Northeast
The nomination race stays in the northeast for one more round of “love the Trump.” Those who support Ted Cruz as well as those who are considering him that live in future primary states must be prepared for the coming onslaught of negative press. After Trump dominates on Tuesday, the full force of liberal mainstream media is going to declare that he has won.

It’s a carefully crafted narrative that must be ignored for one reason and one reason only: it’s not true. Tell your friends. Share this article. Spread the word every way you can that Donald Trump is not the presumptive GOP nominee following his victories in the progressive northeast. After Tuesday, the last leg of this long race starts. As long as the Cruz campaign and his supporters stay true to the cause and fight to the very end, we’ll walk into a contested convention that will likely give us a Cruz nomination.

It’s not going to be easy. Again, the media is on Trump’s side and they have unfathomable reach. This is why those of us who are in the grassroots mustn’t give up hope because the odds aren’t nearly as stacked against Cruz as the opposition wants us to believe.

Indiana is the first stop in this final leg of the nomination process. It will also be the last stop if Cruz cannot pull off victories in most of the districts and the state itself. You won’t hear this on mainstream media, but mathematically it becomes nearly impossible for Trump to win the nomination outright if he loses Indiana. This is why the cease-fire between Cruz and John Kasich in Indiana, New Mexico, and Oregon is so important.

It’s also why the timing happened exactly when it did. This was no accident. What Trump is calling desperation is actually brilliance. Here’s why the deal was struck and announced when it was:

  • The News Cycle: As everyone knows, Trump dominates the news. Moreover, he sets the pace during the weekend to hit the top of the news cycle every Monday morning. That wasn’t the case this week. On a side note, keeping himself in the news for the next few days will be crucial which is why leaking information about Fiorina being vetted for VP was necessary.
  • The Indiana Message: Cruz needs everyone to know that he’s focused on Indiana. While he’s going to pick up delegates in Pennsylvania and Maryland, he’s going to get creamed otherwise. By putting the focus on Indiana, he’s alerting them of how important they are while letting the rest of the country know that the Trump victories in the Northeast were anticipated.
  • No Kasich VP Tap for Trump: There has been speculation lately that Kasich was positioned to help solve Trump’s delegate problem by forming a unity ticket. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of that happening. The more that voters realize how hard it will be for Trump to get the nomination, the more likely it will be that he won’t.

There’s a media storm coming. If voters aren’t prepared for the rhetoric about a presumptive Trump nomination, it will become a reality. If we realize that the race heats up starting in Indiana, the chances of Cruz being the nominee go up dramatically.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. This is a great article that reminds of of keeping our head up, even with the media against us. I am nervous for a full-Trump news cycle starting Wednesday and lasting through Monday though. It will at that point be 6 Trump wins in a row, unless we can see a random upset here and then. There is truly only one way to flip the press: Governor Mike Pence needs to endorse Ted Cruz on Wednesday. That will push the narrative right into Cruz’s favor and could boost his showing by an extra 5-10 points. I realize that Governor Pence has talked to both Cruz and Trump, but we most hope he leans towards Ted Cruz.

  2. It ain’t over till the Big Mouth goes back to his Troll Tower!

    Thank you Senator Cruz for enduring so much. You are a champion in every sense of the definition of a Champion. You are strong, courageous with right morals, integrity and we look forward to the day we can call you our President.
    The enemy always sends a counterfeit but you sir are the real deal. May God watch over you and Heidi and girls. May the Lord cause you to be victorious after the long hard fight and you receive your reward and we the people will receive our reward in you as a leader with right goals and steadfastness, mercy and justice in the executive branch.God bless you Ted and we thank you for your vision and integrity to see it through.We hurt when others seek to harm you just like our Lord being maligned, dejected but just like our Lord there came a resurection Sunday and God delivered a resounding triumph over Satan and you too will be resonerated and your enemies will fall and you will be lifted up. Your enemies will not triumph over you because you come in the name of the Lord and he will not see his servant in defeat. Take heart, lift up your eyes from where does my help come, your help comes from God maker of heaven and earth. Bless you Ted in Jesus name Amen!

  3. Gov. Pence, Please support Ted Cruz. He is the candidate chosen by the people (that haven’t been brainwashed by the liberal media). He is our best hope of beating Hillary (as proven by the last 5 states). Cruz can and will unite the nation and make us strong again.

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