Yesterday’s links today, 4-27-2016

Carly Fiorina Can She Win

The politics of paranoia: Clinton sees racism, sexism everywhere

The myth of ancient Islam

Attack of the centrists

Shapiro: “Trump dusts his face with Cheetos before TV appearances

Kennedy: It’s time to stop food stamp abuse

Dershowitz: Obama must apologize to Netanyahu

Former McCEO tells the reality of a $15 minimum wage

Hey Huckabee: stopping Trump IS stopping Hillary

Cuccinelli: Trump is a “wonder-whiner”

Trump fans demonstrating cultist worship

EPA to seize control of America’s power grid?

Inside Saudi Arabia’s push to silence criticism of brutal Yemen war

Cruz graciously shoots down Trump supporter over accusations of the system being “rigged”

Ambassador Chris Stevens’ former fiance has some thoughts for Hillary

The man who beat Donald Trump

Cruz Carly

The Ticket?

FLASHBACK: Why Carly Fiorina was a bad Presidential candidate but would be a great VP candidate

Trump souring on Manafort

…Dissension in the ranks?

Trump donation is helping felons to vote for Hillary

The system is NOT rigged

Hypocrites assemble! Marvel to open Dubai theme park

Trade doesn’t cause unemployment

Trump: the “Catch Me If You Can” candidate

Hillary’s biggest lie?

10 signs you’ve joined the Trump cult

Sowell: Conservatives for Trump?

Cruz: It’s liberal to punish companies with tariffs

Merkel wants Muslims to be the new European workforce

Antisemitic cyber attack hits universities across Germany

Cruz: What Trump calls “collusion” with Kasich is “coalition building”

Planned Parenthood CEO compares promoting abortion to fighting racism

Team Kasich has an Oregon problem

A bold new strategy for Syria

Trump: Acting Presidential is easy

Colorado Supreme Court refuses to defend religious freedom

Federal debt violates the Constitution

Six reasons Trump isn’t fit to be President

Roger Stone is vile, shocking, and ignorant. He’s the ideal Trump surrogate.

Reason #483 that men don’t belong in the ladies’ room

Cruz hits Trump on changing diapers: ‘It’s a parent’s job’

Russia’s electronic edge could affect U.S. Air Force

Trump wrong on PC restrooms

ISIS hackers post “kill list” of State employees

Police admit gun buybacks aren’t bringing in the “ones causing problems”

Why the left loathes western civilization

I’m done with Fox News

Hillary supporters accused of taking down Bernie Facebook pages with porn attack

Trump’s troubling appeal to skinheads

Study: cost of U.S. regulations larger than Germany’s economy

Ben “Worst Surrogate Ever” Carson: People who are very ambitious should not be President

ISIS has terrorist cells in UK, Germany, Italy. What about the U.S.?

Colorado ruling upholds baker cannot cite religion to refuse same-sex customers

Meanwhile, Oregon bakers fighting back

What a 19th century political thinker can teach us about “true conservatism”

Confronting the public health crisis of porn

Barton: GOP platform will remain unequivocally pro-life

Mike Pence, it’s time to take a stand. Endorse Ted Cruz.

Federal reserve appointees and their campaign contributions

Trump could hobble GOP for years

How to prove the minimum wage is bad for the economy

Crowder melts precious snowflakes

Hillary’s gaining ground, losing credibility

That time Trump was for collusion before he was against it

Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg

…the spark of life?

Trump University case is going to trial

…Trump will be testifying in the middle of campaign

Over 2 dozen stories show transgender bathroom policies are dangerous

5 reason why Trump won’t effectively “court” delegates personally

Veterans continue to suffer

Cartels help terrorists get into the U.S.

Feds illegally funded abortion escorts for women in NYC

Holocaust educators to help Yazidis document genocidal persecution by ISIS

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