Yesterday’s links today, 4-28-2016

Boots on the Ground

Here are some of the posts that appeared on News Watch yesterday. From Planned Parenthood to daycare lunches, yesterday was a busy liberal day despite all that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to keep the news focused on them

This is how stupid they think we are. RE: boots on the ground

Cruz: “Can Republicans stop the media’s chosen Republican candidate?”

Watch Cruz explain why the media is in the tank for Trump

…don’t believe the hype

NBC omits Trump U report

Socialism isn’t cool

5 scams Trump pulled on Americans that nobody is discussing

Trump doesn’t understand what “collusion” means

Queen O banning popular foods from daycares

Trump stirs interest in nukes for S. Korea, Japan

Lewandowski: “Donald Trump will never change”

Transgender life, liberty, and property

State department to circumvent law for climate change agenda

Trump is not your father

…how alarmists play the Climate Hustle

Vassar students start voting on anti-Israel referenda

Here comes the new Su-25 and it’s insane

Keeping the Blue State Primaries in Perspective

Keep the Blue State primaries in perspective

The media will try to anoint Trump

Weathering the Trump Nor’Easter

Reversing Trump’s false narratives

Trump set to “steal” more delegates in “rigged” Northeast primaries

Why today’s Trump romp doesn’t matter

Prager’s take

Pro-Life group lists every company backing Planned Parenthood

Congress should eliminate, not rewrite business deprecation schedules

Guy Benson: The assault on free speech marches on

Hillary’s possible VP pick has a radical resume

Cruz: Let parents decide how to spend education funds

Kasich. Unhinged.

Indiana required

Conservative powerhouse Thomas Sowell says Trump is a “dangerous man to have in the White House”

Jacobson: “Dear Ted Cruz: Fight to the end”

Stossel: Yes, free markets would improve healthcare results

Pro-ISIS group defaces Michigan church website: We will “break your crosses and enslave your women by permission of Allah”

Dr. Alan Snyder: “Why I support Ted Cruz”

Trump: “I’m gonna be taking a lot of the things that Bernie said and using them”

Congress needs to clamp down on IRS targeting of free speech

Did Obama make Trump?

Obama’s green agenda should be kept far away from national security

Cruz looking strong in California

Target needs to see this video

Why Israel should keep the Golan Heights

BDS movement has terrorist ties

Mike Lee for SCOTUS

Crossroads of America Will Decide

The crossroads of America will decide

Nothing today. FYI.

Cruz needs Indiana to be like Wisconsin

Breakdown: The strategies

Cruz can still deny Trump the nomination

Socialism is worse than a soda tax

Brent Bozell III calls on sellouts to retract Trump love

Believing in two genders is a “hate crime” at Catholic college

How Russia is lying about Syria

Republicans hate the GOP

Now, “let Donald be Donald”

Apparently, HuffPo hires stoners to write on gun policy

Best endorsement ever for Cruz-Fiorina comes from Planned Parenthood

Carly Fiorina Ted Cruz VP

Look at that face, Donald

Official announcement

Cruz and Carly for the win

Fiorina is “a guided missile aimed right at Donald Trump”

Seven reasons she got picked

Senior Cruz official explains why they tapped Fiorina for VP

Fiorina is a credible pro-life champion who can take on Hillary’s abortion agenda

Levin interviews Fiorina

FLASHBACK: “Why Carly Fiorina was a bad Presidential candidate but would be a great VP candidate”

Corruption at State Department worthy of a third world nation

Marseille synagogue to be converted into mosque

Donald Trump did not warn the Iraq War would ‘destabilize the Middle East’ before it started

Be different. Be principled.

Liberal policies destroy small business

Trump University hearings to start on first day of GOP convention

Senator Gardner endorses Cruz

Sanders cuts hundreds of staffers

…starting to admit he can’t win?

The GOP should reject price controls

Attempt to send religious liberty bill straight to the people fails in Missouri

Does Trump guarantee a Democratic Senate?

Defeating Hamas in America

The Kasich collapse

Cruz: Liberal media, lobbyists pushing Trump as nominee

Hillary: If fighting for abortion is playing the women’s card, “then deal me in”

Trump is now the Establishment

Cruz in control in California

Bobby Knight loves Donald Trump. Isiah Thomas had some words about the basketball great while in Indiana.

The Kremlin’s candidate

…is Moscow pulling more of Trump’s strings?

Speaker Ryan promises new GOP agenda for 2016

America’s coming tax increase

Perry takes on Whoopi over Cruz

House unanimously OKs bill bolstering privacy of old emails

RedState: If Hillary wins, let it be on Trump supporters

…don’t blame #NeverTrump

Why socialism will always fail

“I want Republicans to win in November”

Candace Cameron Bure: “I am disappointed in my party”

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