Trump’s foreign policy, Iran missile test, and more: yesterday’s links

Donald Trump Lies

Following Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech and Ted Cruz announcing Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential running mate, there was plenty of news. Iran even decided to schedule a missile test when the next U.S. President is inaugurated.

Donald Trump’s best inadvertent Ron Burgundy impersonation

Cruz-Fiorina 2016: Never give in

Trump touts Mike Tyson endorsement

Iran schedules missile test to coincide with U.S. Presidential inauguration

Ben “The Captive Surrogate” Carson admits Trump isn’t qualified

House conservatives say “it’s time” to address freedom of conscience debate

Shapiro: Never means never

Trump Foreign Policy

Trump foreign policy: no comprehension

Long on rhetoric, short on details

Earnest: “Apparently, phonetics aren’t included on the teleprompter”

Oh, those zany Tanzanians

Actually, it was pretty bad


Like he was cramming for a high school quiz

5 glaring contradictions

Promised no details; boy, did he deliver


“Defining Presidential down”

“It was as painful for Trump to give that speech as it was for us to hear it”

Mike Pence Endorse
Wolf: Where’s Mike Pence?

Erickson: Why would I support Pence again?

Loesch: Where in the world is Indiana Governor Mike Pence?

Gutless in Indiana

5 signs Trump IS the Establishment… from the last 24 hours alone

The Establishment Embrace: Team Trump’s strange new respect for Boehner, McConnell

One great Tweet bursts the bubble

Can Cruz win?

“Judicial restraint” is killing constitutional rights on college campuses

Trump’s three huge lies about Cruz

UN to meet May 6 about protection of Palestinians from their Israeli “occupiers”

Special snowflakes freak out over Target restroom sign

That awkward moment when Trump tried to make the USFL great, too

Obama bailout czar won’t return to Wall Street after ban

Schlafly shrugs off Trump’s abortion comments

Louisiana House passes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

White House can’t explain why the economy is so weak

Public university admits to burying study finding no damage to water quality from fracking because funders ‘disappointed’

Endorsement: John Boehner really doesn’t like Ted Cruz

Boehner: Trump my golfing and texting buddy, Cruz “Lucifer in the Flesh”

…Cruz responds

…if Cruz is the devil, what’s Trump?

…Mike lee goes off

Trump campaign a “digital dud”

How Carly helps Ted

Will Obama’s economy hurt Hillary’s chances?

Trump’s problems with women are worse than you think

Not the Onion: Philippine Presidential frontrunner will pardon himself for mass murder if elected

Schilling: ESPN home to “some of the biggest racists in sports commentating”

Will: What happen$ in Puerto Rico won’t stay there

Trump said transgenders should use whatever bathroom they want, so Caitlyn Jenner takes him up on his offer at Trump Hotel

Crony capitalism and the spigot of government subsidies

For Trump supporters, it’s not about winning. It’s about wanting heads to roll.

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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