Please @JohnKasich, do the right thing. #DropOutKasich

Time for DropOutKasich

The battle to win the GOP nomination for President has been a two-man-race since March 16. For some reason, Ohio Governor John Kasich didn’t get the memo. Unless something changes for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, Kasich could be the reason that Trump is able to get to 1,237 delegates.

With Indiana coming up, we’ll have a better picture of whether or not that’s possible, but it still makes no sense for Kasich to continue to put the Republican party and the country in jeopardy with his delusional crusade. He doesn’t have a chance to get to 1,237 on the 1st, 2nd, 15th, or 73rd ballot. Cruz is racking up the subsequent ballot delegates and Trump is the only one who can get to the magic number before the convention.

Some have speculated that the non-alliance semi-cease-fire agreement regarding Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico that he made with Cruz last week precluded the possibility that he could be Trump’s Vice President, but I’m not convinced. It’s convenient that the day after the agreement was announced, Kasich immediately went on the offensive against Cruz and even told Indiana voters that they should stick with him. While it seems like a longshot today, it’s still very possible that he or Marco Rubio could make a delegate agreement play to be the Vice President.

Outside of that, he’s been toast for a while, and yet he still pushes forward. Rather than going into logical arguments, let’s appeal to him personally with these four important reasons to drop out:

  1. Ohio needs their governor. Regardless of whether or not you believe that the Obamacare-promoting, Common-Core-endorsing governor is doing a good or bad job for Ohioans, his absence is being felt. If he had a legitimate chance of winning, this wouldn’t be a concern; winning the Presidency is more important that running a state as many past nominees have show. Considering that his chance is nil, he’s doing the people who elected him a disservice.
  2. He’s helping Trump. If, as he claims, he has no interest in being the Vice President and if, as he says, he wants to stop Trump from getting the nomination, then right about now would be the ideal time for him to drop out. He failed to make a dent in Trump’s northeast bloodbath as far as securing delegates instead of Trump, so any usefulness he might have had for the StopTrump cause has been annihilated.
  3. He’s hurting Cruz. We all know he doesn’t like Cruz. He’s a moderate Republican politician, therefore Cruz is his worst nightmare. However, he must realize that a Trump nomination would be a disaster for the party that he claims to love (unless he wants the VP spot, of course). Cruz is in much better position to take on Trump and Kasich’s presence in the race is going to hurt him.
  4. His legacy will be “the guy who played spoiler in order to facilitate the downfall of America.” Too dramatic? Perhaps. It’s the worst case scenario for his legacy whether Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the general election. If Cruz wins the general election, than Kasich’s legacy will either be “the guy who was foiled” or “that delusional guy who couldn’t take a hint.” Those are the best case scenario. What we won’t remember Kasich as in a few years is “the guy who made a positive impact.” The sooner he gets out, the better it will be for his long legacy in politics.

I strongly encourage you to Tweet this or otherwise share it on social media to reach John Kasich. I know what you’re thinking. What difference will it make? He’s either delusional, deceptive, or both. At this point, the need is reaching a level of desperation that requires our attention.

I don’t think John Kasich is a bad man. He may just be blind. He may have something more nefarious up his sleeves. Whatever his reasons may have been for staying in the race, they should be dissolved immediately.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Dear John, you seem to have been bought and paid for by Trump. So transparent. And for that, you are the spoiler. You have ruined your name. Drop out now. Now! While conservatives still have a chance. Do the right thing. Please.

    Trisha Fullerton

  2. Dear John, you seem to have been bought and paid for by Trump. So transparent. And for that, you are the spoiler. You have ruined your name. Drop out now. Now! While conservatives still have a chance. Do the right thing. Please. NOW!

    Trisha Fullerton

  3. John kaisich I personally respect and appreciate your work and great efforts as a congressman and as budget director back in those very different times! It is time to think about the good of the country and not be selfish. You have no chance to be president and you are hurting the chances of the next great President to be elected Senator Ted Cruz! Please for the sake the nation Drop out of the race.

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