School choice, Carly Fiorina, and crazy John Kasich: yesterday’s links

John Kasich Crazy

While many were preparing to riot at a Donald Trump rally in California, the rest of the political world was moving fast. Big business took on religious liberties. Ted Cruz moved up against Hillary Clinton better than Trump. Unborn children’s aborted bodies were protected. It was another busy day.

Dear Trump supporters: Lewandowski is YOU

Why Carly Fiorina matters

Trump’s appeal explained and it should terrify us all

Trump vs Trump

Trump v. Trump

Trump claims to have more respect for women than anyone… other than these 12 times when that wasn’t exactly true

Heritage responds to troop level increase


Still #NeverTrump

Should #NeverTrump Republicans embrace him if he’s the nominee?

Alabama town defends anti-Target bathroom bill

Global warming activists want to make food more expensive

White House ramps up college student indoctrination

Donald Trump as wish fulfillment

Does the U.S. really need an ally like Saudi Arabia?

ICE chief “irked” by criminal aliens skipping bond

Trump’s foreign policy would work… on another planet

We need cybersecurity education

Carly beautifully disrupts liberal feminism

Drone strategy needs an overhaul

The salesman cometh

Cruz and Fiorina are the face of the new, unconventional GOP

Hillary’s foreign policy receives nearly as bad of a reception from international community as Trump’s

The world according to Trump

Cruz vs. Big Media guarantees he’ll beat Hillary

Premiums set to jump. Thanks, Obamacare.

Trump foreign policy earns much praise… from Russia

Why is Trump a patsy for Putin?

…”Trump is a positive guy and he spoke about Putin in a good way”

Vassar student body rejects Israel boycott

Trump puts GOP control of Congress in jeopardy

Christian bakers forced to undergo re-eduction

Steve Deace to Trump pawn: “Do you have any integrity at all?”

How big business squashes voters’ religious liberties

DC gets another shot to embrace school choice

Levin: Trump is no juggernaut

Transgenders, bathrooms, and the Kingdom of the Squeaky Wheel

Trade war is Donald Trump’s hammer, and everything in foreign policy looks like a nail.


EPA accused of collusion after staffer admits he aided Pebble Mine foes

Bobby Knight admits he doesn’t know what a conservative is

Patterico: The will to believe

Obama goes to UK to speak against Brexit. Support for it immediately spikes.

Trump TV

Trump TV

Enslaved press

Why cable news airs Trump rallies live and uninterrupted

Multiple reporters admit to hype machine

Poll: 40% of Republicans won’t vote for nominee Trump

Do millennials dislike capitalism because it’s not a safe space?

Cruz looking stronger in Indiana

Did Trump kill Reaganism

Proof Senate Republican leadership sank conservative policy

Poll shows Cruz is better positioned to beat Hillary than Trump

Two million voters in seven counties will decide 2016

Proof: John Kasich is crazy

Democratic leader investigating Planned Parenthood was bought off

Unanimous: Legislation prohibiting dismembering unborn children passes House

Trump vs. farmers

Democrats still won’t vote on Iran

Trump touts endorsement from rapist Mike Tyson; networks ignore

…how do Trump supporters reconcile his gleeful announcement?

McCain introduces bill giving veterans freedom to go anywhere for healthcare

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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