11-yr-old marksman, entitlement reform, and America stockpiling cheese: yesterday’s links

Chris Gaither

The real news of the day should have been Indiana Governor Mike Pence endorsing Ted Cruz, but it turned out to be a dud. More attention was paid to the nice things he said about Donald Trump than about Cruz. Otherwise, the cheese industry is looking good. Seriously.

The irony of Trump’s foreign policy is that his prescriptions for the future would be more encouraging if he weren’t making the same mistake Obama has.

Ted Olson’s bad idea

…Part 2

Lewandowski: Trump’s gonna put Massachusetts in play, you guys

11-yr-old shoots home invader with 12th and final round of 9mm pistol his stepfather taught him to use

Deace on a roll: Lays the smackdown on another Trump surrogate

CNN beats pro-Trump Fox for #1 cable news prime time spot

Trump repeats false pig’s blood story at California rally

Nobody cares about the federal debt, but it cares about us

Ted Cruz Indiana

Indiana winner will be nominee

Erickson: Winds appear to be shifting in Cruz’s favor

…shifting winds: confirmed

Iran state TV airs video encouraging children to fight in Syria: “I am wearing my martyrdom shroud”

Asia’s new battlefield: the Philippines’ South China Sea moment of truth

Trump isn’t the presumptive nominee yet

Louisiana school choice program under attack from Democrats. Again.

Protesters rampage outside Trump rally

Green Beret who beat up accused child rapist can stay in Army

…”Deserves a medal”

Kuznicki: with Cruz-Fiorina, “finally we have fighters”

Coulter v. Coulter

Vladimir Bukovsky on hunger strike

You can’t sacrifice just some rights

Missouri looks to join Constitutional carry club

Anti-Trump protesters, not Trump, were the biggest disgrace at the California rally

America is stockpiling cheese

Poll: not a single White House reporter is a Republican

Trump would take Bobby Knight over Carly Fiorina “every single time”

Supreme Court upholds common sense in Texas

Roots of BDS

Biggest BDS failure

On Ted Cruz and the restoration of the republic

The geopolitical necessity of trade

Trump not opposed to nuking ISIS

Home prices outpacing official inflation rate, household incomes

Dear Indiana: You’re not getting killed on trade

Psychologists: Planned Parenthood shooter mentally incompetent

Far-left Sarandon: “Hillary cannot be trusted”

Why conservatives should prefer division over Trump

…his most damaging act will be disillusionment

…generation-long disaster for GOP

Donald Trump Manifestly Incompetent

Manifestly unfit to be President

He belongs nowhere near the office

Anti-Target petition breaks the million mark

…will networks cover it?

Networks seize on Boehner’s nasty slam to bury Cruz

…conservatives strike back

GOP Establishment: they are who we thought they were

Mike Pence Ted Cruz

Pence’s choice


It’s not resignation; it’s fear

Whatever happened to entitlement reform?

Trump and the gender gap

Farmer sprays manure on Emma Thompson during fracking protest on his land

Cruz: Trump campaign “utterly divorced from reality”

California looks to cover illegal immigrants under Obamacare

When Bible-quoting Trump supporters drop the F-bomb

5 reasons Target’s transgender bathroom policy really stepped in it

Italy arrests Islamic State suspect for plotting attacks on Israeli embassy, Vatican

Being associated so often with rape will not help Trump among women

Trump sued for allegedly raping teen

Fiorina speaks out about Trump touting rapist Mike Tyson’s endorsement

…Cruz rips him, too

Rubio leans away from giving Cuban citizens special treatment

Growth is anemic and a collapse in business investment is to blame

Kristol: Set aside personal biases to stop Trump

Hedge fund Hill-pocrisy

Marriage is not a social convention

Limbaugh: Cruising (Cruzing?) to Indiana

Conservative group called ‘hateful,’ denied official recognition at Drake University

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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